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Zack Snyder Loves the Ikorodu Bois' Army of the Dead Trailer Remake

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Zack Snyder loves the Ikorodu Bois' remake of the Army of the Dead trailer. Zack Snyder's Justice League was released over a month ago, and people are still talking about the busy director. After a long and complicated history working for DC, now is his chance to shine on his own and remind people why Warner Bros. wanted him in the first place. Army of the Dead is Snyder's first post-DC project, making this a film many fans are curious to see.

Some of those fans include the Ikorodu Bois, a Nigerian online comedy group that is known for its fun and creative reimaginings of popular music videos and Hollywood movie trailers. The group is comprised of 3 young siblings and their cousin who have been making and sharing these videos since 2017. They've spoofed all sorts of movies including Extraction 2, Bad Boys For Life, Money Heist, and now Army of the Dead.

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Ikorodu Bois shared their latest work on Twitter, showing a side-by-side comparison of the official Army of the Dead trailer compared to their own. In a video from Netflixfilm, Snyder was shown their work in an interview while promoting Army of the Dead and responded by calling it amazing. He even got to talk to them afterward and complimented their skills.

In the remake, they use their own environment and props to recreate images from the real trailer. For example, instead of using the official Netflix logo and title card, they use handwritten papers matching the font and coloring. Instead of showing a large crowd full of zombies, they show a large pile of beans that mimic the same effect. Instead of rendering a CGI zombie tiger, they have a shot of their dog growling. The Ikorodu Bois play the parts of the actors along with other children that they know. Despite it being a silly remake, it still must have taken days to film.

It is impressive that Snyder's non-DC work is able to elicit this much excitement from people. Netflix must feel the same way as they have already greenlit several spin-off Army of the Dead projects in anticipation of it being a big hit. If the movie is well received then Snyder might successfully transition from making superhero movies now that the Snyderverse is done. The Ikorodu Bois say they plan to make their own movie one day which would be great to see. As Snyder mentioned, they have a lot of the shots and filmmaking skills down. Perhaps Army of the Dead or other Snyder films will influence them in the future.

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