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Popcorn Time: Pirate streaming is once again the target of lawsuit

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Known as the 'Netflix of piracy', service provides illegal content from torrent files.

Agroup formed by independent studios has just opened a new lawsuit in the United States court against the Popcorn Time app , for making pirated content available on the internet.

In addition to the app, the complaint of copyright infringement extends to the VPN service , VPN.ht, to the hosting provider, Voxility, and also to users of Popcorn Time.


Created in 2014, in Argentina, the application is known as the ‚ÄúNetflix of piracy‚ÄĚ.

The illegal service makes movies recently released in the cinema from torrents.


-> Hackers are extorting pirated IPTV services

-> 'The Mandalorian' leads ranking of most pirated titles of the year

-> Revenue seizes 70 thousand TV Boxes for access to pirated IPTV

With Popcorn Time , the user can watch the content on demand, including subtitles in Portuguese, without the need to download the files to the computer.

Typically, large movie studios are not directly involved in this type of lawsuit against the provision of illegal content on the internet.

Meanwhile, small, independent film companies, such as Fallen Productions, Voltage Holdings and Millennium Funding, have been waging a war on the practice of piracy in court.

They claim that Popcorn Time distributes copies of films without the consent of the producers.

The plaintiffs are asking the court to force the VPN service to provide the names of those responsible for the application.

Other processes

This is not the first time that Popcorn Time has been the target of legal actions on account of piracy.

In previous cases, the programmers of the application came to abandon and resume the project countless times.

In 2020, the owner of the site was arrested for publishing tutorials on the internet teaching how to download, install and watch illegal content.

In addition to Popcorn Time, other services and applications have been the target of lawsuits, including those not directly linked to piracy.

Recently, Telegram was sued for not responding properly to notifications of removal of illegal content shared on messaging application channels .

In another case, the Cloudflare service, which improves the performance of websites, was accused of not blocking pirated IPTV services .

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