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Ever thought why your Mac Machine seems to boot up slower every time you start it up? It’s like, you press the power button, it springs to life, and there goes several minutes before you can have full control over your Mac.

Those clogged startup programs or you call them login items, are the reason behind it. Regardless of any reason they are installed, they create lots of nuisance every time we boot our Mac. These startup items eat lots of system resources, runs in background and leads our Mac take forever to start.

So, the only way to decrease the start-up time is to remove them from your login item list.

How to Remove Startup Items?

Here are the steps discussed below to guide you about how you can disable startup programs Mac.

METHOD 1 – Using System Preferences

Step 1- Head towards ‘System Preferences’, either click on the Apple logo located at the top left corner of your screen or use Spotlight Search.

To call Spotlight, press cmd + space bar.

Step 2-  Choose ‘User & Groups’ option, if there are multiple users on your computer, a list will appear on the left side. Choose the user for whom you need to remove Mac startup items.

Step 3- Now, that you have chosen the right user, on the same interface – click on the Login Items tab.

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Step 4- Login Items consist the whole list of apps that gets automatically started every time you boot your system.

Step 5- Final showdown! Select the apps you want to disable > Click on the (-) symbol. You can also remove multiple apps by holding cmd (command) button.

Choosing the (-) will remove startup items, whereas clicking (+) symbol will again add the startup programs.

METHOD 2- Using A Dedicated Software

If you don’t want to disable Mac startup items manually, there’s an easy and fast solution you can try. A dedicated software that will optimally list all the items that your Mac Machine alone might miss.

Try using Systweak’s TuneupMyMac that is a one-stop solution for optimizing your system. Its advanced features not only improve your Mac’s performance but also helps in getting rid of unwanted stuff.

The software comes with Startup Apps functionality that helps users to manage Mac startup by allowing to enable, disable or add startup items easily.

TuneupMyMac lists all the login items on your Mac!

Just launch the application > Under Optimization tab > Click on Startup Apps > A list will appear displaying all the installed & broken items that are hampering your system startup > Simply add or remove items you no longer required. Few simple clicks can help you to remove unneeded applications from startup.

How to Fix Broken Startup Items?

A situation may arise that you have uninstalled an application so that it doesn’t pop up when you start the system. But unfortunately, uninstalling an app sometimes leaves a login item with a broken link, to get rid of those parts you’ll need a consecrated app for the purpose.

And luckily, the aforementioned app- TuneupMyMac comes with an Uninstaller utility that can assist you in not only freeing up unneeded apps, but avoid associated hidden or broken files as well.

The uninstaller removes the application securely and completely!

Just launch the application > Under Optimization tab > Click on Uninstaller > A list will appear displaying all the installed application with its associated files > just select the apps you no longer need and click Uninstall button!

That’s it you’re all set!

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