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RDJ Shares Extended Iron Man Snap Avengers: Endgame BTS Video

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An extended behind-the-scenes video of Iron Man's snap in Avengers: Endgame is shared by Robert Downey Jr. It's been two years since Joe and Anthony Russo's culminating MCU film hit theaters. As tributes from the cast and crew pop out online, the franchise's inaugural actor releases a never-before-seen set video of him filming Tony Stark's heroic play in the movie.

Picking up after the catastrophic ending of Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame re-assembled the original six Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and together with some surviving allies, they plotted the reversal of Thanos' snap. The whole process took five years which Tony used to focus on living a quiet family life with Pepper and their daughter Morgan Stark. However, once the idea of the time heist came and the possibility of bringing back Spider-Man emerged, he couldn't resist the urge to participate in what could've been his final mission before fully retiring. Unfortunately for him, making sure that the Mad Titan no longer posed a threat demanded a personal sacrifice from him.

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In celebration of Endgame's second anniversary, Downey (via @thewinternervs) shared a video of himself filming Iron Man's snap on his official Instagram. The clip runs a little bit longer, capturing the actor's reaction once the cameras stopped rolling. Check out the video below:

Downey has also shared an alternate opening of Tony and grown-up Morgan's cut Soulworld scene in Endgame in celebration of the occasion. However, the aforementioned clip is arguably more impactful as evoked nostalgia for people who witnessed Iron Man's snap in theaters back in 2019. Remembering that experience is already important for fans considering what it meant for the MCU moving forward, but being unable to go to the cinemas the last year due to the coronavirus pandemic made seeing this so much more special. Over the years, variations of Downey filming this particular scene have made their way online, but this is the first time that a clip recorded his off-camera reaction after shooting this monumental moment.

Seeing as this was shot with the now-iconic "I am Iron Man" line, this was filmed during last-minute reshoots in Los Angeles. Avengers: Endgame was primarily shot in Atlanta, but the Russos called Downey and a handful of crew members back to a studio in California to rework this scene. In its original version, Tony didn't say anything, but once they realized that it's the perfect time to call back to the character's signature line from his 2008 origins story, they decided to remake this particular bit. It might have been a lot of extra work, but given how it played out on the screen, all the extra effort was worth it.

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