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The Tomorrow War First Look Images Tease Chris Pratt's Fight For The Future

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New images from the upcoming Chris Pratt film The Tomorrow War show off the impending battle for the future. Originally known as Ghost Draft, Pratt signed on to star in the film in 2019 that follows the fallout of a futuristic war against an invading alien race. Forced to confront his demons, Pratt will be involved in scientists' effort to reach into the past to recruit soldiers to fight in the increasingly dire war. The Tomorrow War was originally set to be released by Paramount Pictures during the 2020 Christmas season, but was unsurprisingly delayed.

Paramount then hoped to release the film in July 2021, but the continued turmoil in the industry prompted the studio to sell the film. Amazon acquired the rights to The Tomorrow War, with the streamer set to release the film as part of their summer lineup. In addition to Pratt, the film stars Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, JK Simmons, Sam Richardson, and Keith Powers. Chris McKay serves as the director of the film after his work on The Lego Batman Movie.

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Amazon has released new images from The Tomorrow War, giving a peek into the film's dystopian vision. Most of the photos depict Pratt and his fellow soldiers preparing for battle against the unseen alien forces. Another gives a look at the state of the world, with a group of onlookers watching as a major city is burned to the ground. Check out the photos below:

While the photos don't give too much away about The Tomorrow War, they certainly tease the massive threat the futuristic army will be up against. The picture of the burning city certainly hints at the invasion that the humans in the film are up against, but Amazon is leaving the surprise of what the aliens look like for either a trailer or the film itself. Pratt is clearly the focus of the photos and although the actor started out in Parks & Rec, the Guardians of the Galaxy star has more than proven his action bonafides in the last few years.

Luckily, fans will be able to check out the film from the comfort of their own home when hits Amazon in July. A blockbuster like The Tomorrow War, with a star like Pratt at its center, seems perfect for a theatrical release, but the last year has made studios eager to offload some of their biggest films for a hefty check. Amazon reportedly spent $200 million on the rights to the film as they continue to push for high-profile content. The Tomorrow War will be just one of the many big sci-fi releases set for 2021 and thanks to Amazon, it won't face any further delays.

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