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Unannounced Marvel Movies Teased By Falcon & Winter Soldier Showrunner

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier showrunner, Malcolm Spellman, teases there are multiple unannounced Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Now that Marvel Studios' second Disney+ show has reached its conclusion, the MCU fandom currently has its sights set on what will come next. There are eight movies with confirmed release dates through 2022 and multiple other films and Disney+ shows in development for years to come. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier set up multiple MCU projects too, as fans believe they have a general idea of what will happen next.

Even though Phase 4 is already underway, the MCU has yet to release a single movie after Spider-Man: Far From Home served as an epilogue to the Infinity Saga in 2019. There is great anticipation for 2021 titles like Black Widow and Spider-Man: No Way Home to hit theaters this year. Meanwhile, interest in the MCU's 2022 movies, such as Thor: Love and Thunder and Black Panther 2, is growing. Despite Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, confirming Blade, Fantastic 4, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and more are in the works too, it appears there are several other movies secretly in the works.

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Following The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's finale, Spellman spoke to Murphy's Multiverse about the show and MCU. At one point during the interview, Spellman mentioned that fans don't really have that good of an idea of what Marvel is planning. He teases that there are multiple unannounced Marvel movies that will reshape expectations of what is coming next in the MCU. Read what Spellman said below:

I was surprised about how few of the upcoming Marvel movies have been announced... Fans will start to become more and more clear as these projects get announced.

Spellman teasing multiple unannounced Marvel movies comes on the heels of reports that he's developing Captain America 4 for Marvel Studios. He hasn't confirmed that these reports are true, and even Anthony Mackie says he hasn't heard anything yet. Since this is potentially just another example of Marvel's secrecy at works, the news of Captain America 4 was a friendly reminder of how far ahead Marvel always plans. They have enough movies in development to last beyond 2023, and that doesn't even take into account the unannounced films Spellman is teasing here.

As for what projects Marvel Studios might secretly already be working on, that is up for speculation at the moment. There has long been interest in a Thunderbolts movie, and Spellman might be privy to knowledge of its development based on Baron Zemo's appearance in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, long-rumored movies like Nova or Young Avengers and eventual X-Men projects are just a few of examples of other movies Marvel might be working on in secret. With the 2022 movie slate set to be completely in production by the middle of this year, it likely won't be long before Marvel Studios confirms what else they are working on.

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