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Buy yourself a Heaven's Gate or Pirate's Bay email address from MSCHF

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Stunt group MSCHF ignited the internet recently over their Satan Shoe collaboration with Lil Nas X — and the subsequent settlement with Nike for unauthorized sale of their altered sneakers.

The drama about the Satan Shoes, however, hasn't stopped them from soldiering onto their latest drop: Email Capsule Collection. In this release, MSCHF sees email addresses as a fashion statement, thus signaling one's identity. "Your email address is who you are seen to be, is who you are," the collection's manifesto states. "It's a shame that for the majority of the population, our identity options boil down to either 'gmail user' or 'douchebag who pays for a 'disruptive' inbox.'"

To shake up fashion-thus-identity available through email addresses, MSCHF designed five unique ones available for purchase. All harken back to some dark or illegal or defunct corner of the internet, including reference to the Heaven's Gate cult, 4chan, host site Angelfire, and file-sharing sites The Pirate Bay and Megaupload:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Why .biz? According to the manifesto, because it's the "jankiest" top-level domain of all time, as opposed to the likes of .com or .net. A single email address goes for $250, with limited quantities of 50 emails per domain. You can also purchase a "box set" of all five email domains for $1,200; only five sets are available. If you're wondering how you can access an email address for websites that don't exist, MSCHF will sent each address and default password on a physical disk. 

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In addition to the disk, the $250 gets you a protective case, a commemorative card, and two stickers. The box set includes the collector's box, all five disks and protective cases, five commemorative cards, and 10 stickers.

Seeing as MSCHF's Satan Shoes sold out in one minute, it's safe to say all the email addresses will be snatched up just as quickly. Happy surfing.

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