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How To Use Windows 10’s New Focus Assist Feature

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Windows 10 Spring Creators update is finally here!  It is full of amazing features that drastically improves Windows 10’s performance as well. From new Timeline feature to ability to mute tabs in Microsoft Edge, the developers have really put in a lot of effort to improve Windows 10 in the best possible manner.

One such useful feature of Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is Focus Assist. Do you remember the Do not Disturb mode of Windows? So, Focus Assist is basically an advanced and extended version of Do Not Disturb mode which allows you to hide notifications for a specific period of time while you’re playing games or watching some movie maybe. Focus Assist also replaces the “Quiet Hours” feature of Windows 10 (Fall Creators update) and allows you to work peacefully without being disturbed by annoying notifications.

Before we proceed further, let’s see how we can enable the new Focus Assist feature on Windows 10.

How to Enable the Focus Assist Feature on Windows 10

To enable the Focus assist feature on Windows 10, follow these quick steps:

1. Right click on the notification center icon on the taskbar and select “Focus Assist”.

2. Once you hover on Focus assist, a new menu will appear with these options”

OFF: By default, the Focus assist option is disabled on Windows 10. Once you activate it, you can turn it OFF through this option.

Priority Only: The next is “Priority only” which allows you to see and control priority notifications only. We will discuss more about this in our next section.

Alarms Only:  Alarms refers to alarms you set in apps like the included Alarms & Clocks app. Once you select this option all the notifications will be hidden, except for alarms.

3. For quicker access you can also press the Windows +A key shortcuts on your keyboard to find Focus assist tile icon. Here you can simply toggle it On/Off in just one click.

4. The third way to access Focus Assist on Windows 10 is via Settings. Head to Settings > System > Focus assist and explore available options.

Know More: 6 Useful Features Offered by Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

How to Manage Your Priority Lists

When you access the Focus assist option via settings, you get an option to “Customize your Priority Lists” as well. But for this Focus assist will use the “My People” option on Windows 10 to access your contacts. You can also tap on the “Add Contacts” button to add any new contact in the list.

So, now you won’t receive any notifications, apart from contact names who are listed under “My People” and pinned to your taskbar..

Similarly, you can also use this feature to configure app notifications. By adding an app on to Priority list you won’t receive any notifications apart from the ones which are listed on Priority list.

How to Set Schedules on Focus Assist

Another useful feature which comes along with Focus assist is the ability to add automatic schedules.

Head on to Settings> System> Focus Assist.

Now scroll down to the “Automatic rules” section, and then tap “During these times” option.

Enable the toggle switch so that you can set your preferred time to receive notifications.

Another automatic rule includes an option which hides all sorts of notification when you’re playing a fullscreen game.

So folks, here was a quick guide on Windows 10’s new Focus assist feature. Hope this will make your Windows experience more delightful!

For quicker access you can also press the Windows +A key shortcuts on your keyboard to find Focus assist tile icon. Here you can simply toggle it On/Off in just one click.

The third way to access Focus Assist on Windows 10 is via Settings. Head to Settings > System > Focus assist and explore available options.

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