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Stephen King Sends Love To Firestarter Reboot Cast & Crew Ahead Of Filming

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Acclaimed author, Stephen King, has sent his love and best wishes to the cast and crew of the upcoming Firestarter adaptation. The King novel, which was first published in 1980, was made into a film in 1984 that starred Drew Barrymore and Martin Sheen. Unfortunately, it failed to do King’s novel justice and fans have wanted a more faithful adaptation ever since.

After literally decades of waiting for a new take on Firestarter, fans were finally rewarded in 2010 when it was announced that a reboot was on its way. Clearly, that effort hasn’t materialized until now – over a decade after it was first announced. The new film will feature Zach Efron, Michael Greyeyes, and has yet to reveal who will star in the pivotal role of Charlie McGee, a.k.a., the young girl with stunning pyrokinetic abilities. And although this is the first attempt that anyone has made at bringing the tale of Firestarter back to the big screen, there was a rather ill-fated attempt at building King’s concept into a franchise back in 2002. That was when Syfy (or rather, The Sci-Fi Channel, as it was then called) introduced a Firestarter 2 miniseries that focused on Charlie as an adult.

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The original Firestarter and its 2002 made-for -V sequel may not have lived up to Stephen King’s expectations, but there’s every reason to feel confident about the upcoming remake. In fact, with news having arrived that filming on Firestarter will officially kick off next month, King took the opportunity to wish the new production all the best. After taking to his official Twitter account and re-tweeting news that production begins next month, King added the well wishes pictured below:

The “burning love” reference comes from an Elvis Presley song of the same name, but more important is the reference to fire, which of course, Firestarter has plenty of. For King, the new take on Firestarter is yet another chance to feel hopeful that his source material will be brought to life as he’d intended. It’s no secret that throughout the years, King has seen a substantial number of his books adapted into films that he himself wasn’t fond of. The 1984 Firestarter adaptation, for example, was one of many King adaptations that the famed author wasn’t the least bit happy about. After so many years of filmmakers getting his work wrong, it would indeed be a treat for King (and his fans) to see Firestarter done justice.

So far, unofficial word has it that the new Firestarter film will be more faithful to King’s original novel. It would be nice to say that this offers substantial hope for fans of the book, but after years of King adaptations, the temptation is to remain cynical. It often seems that with each new adaptation comes a cast and crew that promises an authenticity that the project ultimately fails to deliver. For his part, however, King remains optimistic enough to send along his very best wishes to the Firestarter cast and crew. Hopefully this time around, King’s work is given everything it needs to succeed.

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