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Children of the Corn Photos Give New Look At The Next Stephen King Adaptation

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Stephen King's Children of the Corn is getting a new prequel/reboot and the first lot of eerie promotional stills have just been released. Written and directed by Equilibrium's Kurt Wimmer, the movie delves into what happened before the 1984 adaptation of King's short story. This adaptation will be added to the long list of King films, making him one of the most heavily-adapted authors in the world and serving as the eleventh film in the Children of the Corn series.

In Wimmer's adaptation, a 12-year-old girl rounds up a group of kids from her small town in Nebraska (the same town the horrific events of the 1984 film took place) to go on a killing spree as they murder all the unscrupulous adults and anyone else who tries to defy them. Luckily enough for the town, a high-schooler takes matters into her own hands as she attempts to stop the violence once and for all. The film will star Elena Kampouris (Before I Fall), Kate Moyer (Our House), Callan Mulvey (300: Rise of an Empire) and Bruce Spence (Mad Max).

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ANVL Entertainment (the film production company behind the reboot) released the first look of the film with creepy stills and a couple behind-the-scenes shots. Take a look at the photos below:

Having been shot in Australia during the pandemic, the film has slipped under fans' radars as they are swept away by the multiple King adaptations coming to screens this year. The film was given a very small theatrical release last year but an official release date is yet to be confirmed. While the first few movies of the franchise were popular, the series has consistently been scrutinized by the critics, and the question is often raised as to how the original film garnered 9 sequels.

Based on the downfall of the franchise and the fact that the prequel is receiving little to no promotion, getting lost in the myriad of 2021 releases, it'll be interesting to see how the film performs. Although, with the exception of the first two movies, the franchise has had direct-to-video releases, meaning they bypassed theaters altogether and went straight to being released on home video formats. So perhaps Wimmer's reboot will follow in their footsteps and save itself from a potentially poor box office performance. With the first images finally being unveiled, this hopefully means that more promotional material, and perhaps a trailer, will be released soon to offer more information on this brave adaptation of Children of the Corn

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