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Why A Sequel Would Fix Tenet's Mistakes

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A sequel has the potential to fix Tenet’s mistakes and create a more audience-friendly and enjoyable cinematic experience. Christopher Nolan’s latest film starring John David Washington (The Protagonist) and Robert Pattinson (Neil) pitted the duo against the future in a race against time to save the world using time-inversion technology. Designed to be a self-contained palindrome, this non-linear epic featured overly complicated character timelines that left many scratching their heads upon leaving the theater. Consequently, the film failed to capture the same hype as Nolan’s other films; especially Inception, which set the bar for mind-bending sci-fi thrillers.

As a result of the film’s complicated time-inversion and entropy-reversing technology, some lengthy exposition was required to maintain any semblance of audience comprehension. While this exposition certainly harmed the film - as it is Nolan’s lowest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes - Tenet also suffered from a major external factor: the COVID-19 pandemic. Tenet, on Nolan’s mistaken commands, was the first major blockbuster to receive a wide theatrical release since the beginning of the pandemic and as such debuted to such a lackluster box office it forced Warner Bros. to shift their release strategy to include same-day HBOmax premieres.

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