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Everything We Know About Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins


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G.I. Joe is coming back to the big screen in 2021 with the release of Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, a prequel film for the eponymous black-clad ninja. After the relatively poor receptions to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the reboot has a chance to properly revitalize the live-action arm of the franchise. And fortunately for fans, it won’t be too long before Snake Eyes releases in theaters.

Though G.I. Joe has existed as a major name in the toy world since the 1960s, the modern era of Joe began in 1982 when the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line effectively relaunched the brand. The new toys were accompanied by a successful Marvel Comics series and the famous cartoon of the same name, which began airing in 1983. A Real American Hero shifted the franchise to a less realistic, more character-oriented model, introducing major elements like the evil Cobra organization and the Joes’ sci-fi weapons and vehicles.

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Since then, G.I. Joe has gradually dropped off in mainstream pop culture. The franchise has continued in various forms over the years, but it’s failed to find the kind of widespread modern appeal that Transformers has had. The Snake Eyes movies is G.I. Joe’s latest effort to reintroduce itself, rebooting the film series with one of the most popular G.I. Joe characters leading the way. Here’s everything we know so far about Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Release Date

Snake Eyes was originally meant to premiere on March 27, 2020, but it was delayed after the initial wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. A series of additional delays pushed the film’s intended launch through the year and eventually into 2021. Currently, Snake Eyes is scheduled to release in theaters on July 23, 2021 – a date that seems likely to hold. It’s also likely that the movie will become available for streaming on Paramount+ 45 days after its theatrical release, as that has been the official model for many of Paramount’s major films since launching the streaming platform. That would make Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins available for streaming in early September.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Cast

Henry Golding leads the Snake Eyes cast as the eponymous ninja. Andrew Koji will costar as Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes’ lifelong rival. The rest of the cast includes Úrsula Corberó as the evil Cobra agent Baroness, Samara Weaving as G.I. Joe operative Scarlett, Haruka Abe as Akiko, Takehiro Hira as Kenta, Iko Uwais as Hard Master, and Peter Mensah as Blind Master. Steven Allerick will also appear in Snake Eyes in a currently unknown role.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Story Details

As the name implies, Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins will be an origin story for the titular ninja, showing his training, early life, and (theoretically) his eventually recruitment into the ranks of G.I. Joe. The Storm Shadow rivalry will be a major storyline in the film. Given Baroness and Scarlett’s significant roles in the movie, it seems that the conflict between Joe and Cobra is already in full swing. Since Snake Eyes is also a reboot for the franchise, it’s probable that a number of other plotlines – likely involving more classic characters form the cartoon – will be set up for future films to continue.

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Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Trailer

The first official trailer for Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins has released, teasing all the action to come in the final film. In it, Snake Eyes is seen training and preparing for his heroic future, with several allusions to his feud with Storm Shadow and look at his signature black mask. Baroness and Scarlett also feature in the trailer, where they’re seen facing off in battle. The action is stylish, Golding looks like a great fit for the part, and overall, the Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins trailer is a promising look at what could be a big revitalization for the franchise.

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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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