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Attack the Block 2 In The Works With John Boyega & Original Director Returning


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John Boyega will return as Moses, his breakout role from 2011's Attack the Block, in the upcoming sequel, Attack the Block 2, along with the original film's director, Joe Cornish. The 2011 film follows Boyega's Moses as he unites his South London neighborhood to defend their block from a group of alien invaders. The film underperformed at the box office during its initial release, however, it quickly achieved cult classic status following Boyega's rise to fame from the Star Wars trilogy. Attack the Block has retrospectively been viewed as an excellent debut performance by Boyega with co-star, Jodie Whittaker, also receiving high appraise.

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The original film was also Cornish's directorial debut. The British filmmaker previously worked as a co-writer on The Adventures of Tin-Tin before writing and directing Attack the Block. Cornish's direction received high praise at the time of the film's release, particularly for his ability to balance the blending genres of a science-fiction, action-comedy-horror-film. Additionally, the film was produced by Nira Park and James Wilson, while Cornish's friend and frequent collaborator, Edgar Wright, executively produced.

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Boyega, Cornish, Park and Wilson will all be returning for Attack the Block 2, with Boyega joining the producing team under his company, UpperRoom Productions. While the film's plot is still very much under wraps, Boyega spoke with Deadline about his excitement to return as Moses, saying:

It’s been a decade since Attack The Block was released and so much has changed since then. I’m excited to see this heightened story return to the streets of London. Moses has remained one of my favourite characters to play and bringing him back is a huge honour.

Cornish, who most recently directed 2019's The Kid Who Would Be King, also spoke to Deadline about how special it is to be returning to such beloved material. He even teased that the second installment will be "even bigger" than the first. Read Cornish's full quote below:

I’m thrilled we’re officially announcing our return to the world of Attack The Block on the tenth anniversary of the film’s release. I can’t wait to work alongside John again, bringing audiences an even bigger slice of inner-city alien action.

Attack the Block 2 will be a highly anticipated sequel, especially after Boyega's acclaimed performance in Steve McQueen's 2020 anthology film series, Small Axe. The actor starred in the Red, White and Blue chapter of the film series where he portrayed Leroy Logan, the founder of the UK's Black Police Association. Boyega received numerous award nominations for his role in the film, including a win at the 78th Annual Golden Globes.

Other than Boyega, there aren't any details as to who else may reprise their roles from the original film. Fans of the film will certainly plea for Nick Frost to make a return in Attack the Block 2. Frost played Ron, a local drug dealer and comedic relief who, alongside Boyega's Moses, is initially wrongly blamed for the deaths around the block. Frost is a long time friend of Cornish, so there is still hope that he will reprise his role in the upcoming Attack the Block 2. 

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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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