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American Authorities Demand Money from MegaUpload Members

Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

The American authorities, who possibly illegally seized the information of millions of MegaUpload users, are currently demanding that the users pay to get the data back. American federal prosecutors claim that they will allow the MegaUpload customers to recover their content if they pay for it.

In compliance with the recent court filing, the prosecutors had to respond to an Electronic Frontier Foundation’s request 2 months ago on behalf of Kyle Goodwin, who used the hosting service legitimately for storing videos.

Legislation of the United States allows for the 3rd parties who have an interest in forfeited property to make a claim. However, the authorities argue that they only copied part of the MegaUpload information, while the company’s physical servers have never been seized. It is known that the company’s 1,103 servers were held by Carpathia Hosting firm, but the US government explained that identifying, copying, and returning the plaintiffs’ information would be too expensive, while Goodwin wants the US authorities, or MegaUpload, or Carpathia Hosting, or whoever else other than himself, to bear the cost.

In response, the US government claimed that while it’s wrong for the cyberlocker to profit from storing user content, it’s fine for either it or Carpathia Hosting to do the same. In other words, it turns out that Kim Dotcom was arrested for selling storage space for content to people, and now the American government seized that content and can sell it back to the same people at a high cost. That’s a great business idea – to make money out of nowhere!

Meanwhile, the case against MegaUpload is now unraveling on procedural problems, and the American authorities want to keep punishing its customers. Those, by the way, will suffer even if the cyberlocker is never convicted.

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