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Tremors Is The Only Kevin Bacon Movie The Actor Has Rewatched


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Actor Kevin Bacon has revealed that Tremors is the only film of his that he’s rewatched. The 62-year-old star has enjoyed an extensive career over the years, engaging audiences through a wide range of films in diverse genres. He’s also been a prolific musician, releasing six studio albums alongside his brother Michael in their folk rock outfit The Bacon Brothers.

Bacon got his feature film start in 1978’s Animal House, a film that is widely considered a comedy classic. Yet, despite this, as well as his role as Jack in the first Friday the 13th film, it wasn’t until 1984’s Footloose that audiences truly began to take notice of Bacon. That film – which was nominated for 2 Oscars and rebooted in 2011 to lukewarm reviews – brought Bacon into a new stage of his career. It wasn’t as though everything he touched from that point on was a hit, but gradually Bacon began to become known as the sort of actor who could (and would) pop up in practically anything. In other words, Bacon’s reputation for different challenges in the roles he took had given him a distinct reputation. When the 1990s kicked off, Bacon took that reputation even further by starring as Valentine McKee in the unlikely hit creature feature, Tremors.

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Today, Bacon’s career continues to be a strong one and fans are always eager to see what’s next. His ability to keep moving and evolving has undoubtedly been a great help to his career over the years, and Bacon recently told Esquire that when it comes to his films, he doesn’t look back at all. However, this credo includes one exception: his role in Tremors. According to Bacon, the rather unconventional horror film is the only film of his he’s ever rewatched:

It was one film of mine that I wanted to revisit that character. I don't look back at all. In fact, Tremors is the only movie of mine that I have rewatched since it's come out.

The idea that a film like Tremors, which focuses on underground dwelling worms terrorizing a small, desert community is the only film of his that Bacon has bothered to rewatch, is surprising. After all, Bacon’s resume contains more than a few critically acclaimed films, such as Frost/Nixon, Mystic River and Apollo 13 – none of which he’s bothered to revisit. So why the extra love for Tremors? It could be said that the film is one of the most popular films of his among fans, and as such, he’s often asked about it. Tremors was released over thirty years ago and rewatching it could have helped sharpen his memory. Most likely, however, it all had to do with Bacon’s desire to return to the Valentine character. Unfortunately, despite interest from Blumhouse, a new Tremors film didn’t materialize, nor did a TV series when that idea was pitched. What did materialize, was a 2018 TV reboot of the film.

The TV reboot of Tremors was quite well-received for the most part, and Bacon still feels like there’s potential for a TV series. Whether this eventually materializes is hard to say, but Bacon fans have learned over the years to never count the actor out. With his eclectic tastes and willingness to sign on to intriguing films regardless of budget, Bacon’s career remains an impressive one, irrespective of whether or not he chooses to rewatch his work.

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