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Quiet Place 2 Early Ticket Sales Higher In 2021 Than 2020


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A Quiet Place Part II early ticket sales are higher this year than they were in 2020 before the pandemic. The upcoming sequel was one of many movies affected by the COVID-19 outbreak last year, as it was originally scheduled for release in March 2020. Paramount delayed the film multiple times before settling on a May 2021 premiere. Now, A Quiet Place 2 is a week away from its debut, arriving at a time when theaters appear to be taking the first steps towards recovery after a brutal 2020.

Even though most theaters continue to operate at limited capacities, the box office has seen signs of optimism during the early part of 2021. Most notably, Godzilla vs. Kong grossed $427.5 million worldwide, despite also being available to stream on HBO Max. That performance illustrated there was hope for theaters, and now attention is turning to how A Quiet Place 2 will fare commercially. Some of the earliest A Quiet Place 2 box office projections had the followup coming close to matching the debut of its 2018 predecessor, and now there's even more good news on that front.

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According to Deadline, advanced ticket sales for A Quiet Place 2 on Fandango are double now compared to what they were a year ago, when tickets were available ahead of the film's original March 2020 date. Fandango's Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Shepela expressed his enthusiasm for the development. Read his comments below:

‚ÄúStrong presales for¬†A Quiet Place Part II¬†on Fandango may present another indicator of a possible domestic box office recovery, especially as we head into Memorial Day weekend, the official kickoff to summer movie season. Even though some theaters are still operating at reduced capacity, it‚Äôs encouraging to see the Fandango pre-sales momentum.‚ÄĚ

It's interesting that A Quiet Place 2 ticket sales are in better shape now than they were a year ago. Due to the success of the original movie, the sequel was one of 2020's most anticipated titles before the pandemic began. A Quiet Place 2 was always expected to be a success, but it might be in even better shape now. After many theaters were closed for a majority of 2020, there's definitely a pent up demand to see a high-profile new release on the big screen. A Quiet Place 2 may not sport as large a production budget as something like Godzilla vs. Kong, but it was made to be seen in theaters, with many critics calling attention to the film's sound design in particular. Also, as more people are vaccinated against COVID-19, moviegoers may feel safer about going to the theater.

A Quiet Place 2 is poised to be the next big hit at the box office. The final opening weekend estimates will come out when the release date is closer, but the film has the success of the original and word-of-mouth working in its favor. Early A Quiet Place 2 reviews have been very positive, with many praising John Krasinski's direction, the performances, and tense set pieces. That kind of reception should only increase interest in seeing the film, which will probably boost its box office prospects. Plus, A Quiet Place 2 won't be available on a streaming service until 45 days after its theatrical release, meaning those who really want to watch it will have to go to the multiplex.

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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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