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Dwayne Johnson Shows Off Massive Black Adam Set in New Image


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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has shown off Black Adam’s massive set with a brand new image. The former WWE Champion is one of Hollywood’s biggest and most bankable stars, starring in successful franchises like Fast & Furious and Jumanji, but he will finally make his long-awaited superhero debut in the DCEU’s Black Adam. After being involved with the anti-hero project for over a decade and the coronavirus pandemic delaying Black Adam’s production start, Black Adam finally began filming last month. Not long before production was a go, Johnson also announced that the film would hit theaters in July 2022. Marking yet another summer release for Johnson and director Jaume Collet-Serra, as their Jungle Cruise will be releasing this July.

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Although not much is known about the story, the concept trailer at last year’s DC FanDome did reveal that Black Adam will be set in the modern DCEU timeline (5,000 years after his imprisonment), as well as exploring the destruction of his homeland, Kahndaq. In addition to Johnson’s Black Adam, the film will introduce the Justice Society of America with Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell), and Dr. Fate (Pierce Brosnan). The start of the film has provided plenty of teases and insight into his comic book project, such as a glimpse at his Black Adam costume under his regular clothing. Now, ‘The People’s Champion’ has given an inside peek into the film’s set.

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Yesterday, Johnson posted a set photo on Instagram that highlights what a massive production Black Adam is. The photo shows an enormous set that has possibly felt the wrath of Black Adam’s powers, with broken bricks and objects scattered across the set. Of course, in the image, the crew can be seen hard at work with an impressive array of cameras and lights set up around the set.  Alongside the image, Johnson writes: “Wanted to show you guys this cool shot of our enormous sound stages and massive production efforts and scale.” The superstar also notes that they are at the “midway point stride” and called the “A-Team” production crew “the best in our industry.” Of course, he closed the post with his now popular tagline: “The hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is about to change.” Full post can been seen below:

It’s not entirely clear whether this a set built to show the destruction of Kahndaq, as certain parts do have an old-school feel to it. However, considering this a DCEU film with a powerful force like Black Adam, one would expect many impressive and large battles that result in destruction. So it could potentially represent many moments in the film. The photo offers yet another exciting look into the production, and Johnson’s encouraging words and his mentioning that they at the “midway point stride” inspires confidence after the many delays this film has faced. It’s also clear the film is well on its way to being ready for its release date next year, along with possibly releasing a more revealing teaser at this year’s DC FanDome.

Johnson, who is known for going above and beyond in promoting his projects on social media, has been particularly active in showing glimpses from the set recently. Yesterday, he also posted a dark image of Black Adam, teasing his rage-fuelled backstory. The wrestler-turned-actor is effectively building the excitement for his DCEU film, and now with Johnson signing on to star in the animated DC Super-Pets, it’s clear that the Black Adam star is expected to be a big part of DC moving forward.

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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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