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TT Disabled account... not only my.... password change problem...

Guest kilkujadek

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Guest kilkujadek

Recently as I tried to log into the site TT I saw "Account Disable". Three days ago there wasn't any problem. I saw on forum's that there is many people with this same problem. I found information:

"There have been many users that have lost access to their account recently, because the email assigned to their account is outdated and they no longer have access to it. Please make sure that your details are up to date in case you need to recover your account. Please be aware that if you use a Hotmail email address, you will need to add TranceTraffic to the safe-list, otherwise you may not receive emails from us.On a related note, as weak and unsafe passwords are a recurring problem, we’ll start enforcing password changes on a regular basis, STARTING NOW!

Everybody has to change their password within one week! Do it now or your account will be disabled!"

I have not noticed before that information and did not change the password once a week, and I suspect that this might be the reason for blocking my account. However, although I now have the ability to change the password and your new password so I have a message "Account disabled".

There is a complete lack of communication with staff. I wrote in the forum, I wrote in the chat - no answers as to how to recover my account.

Do not to change the password to the truth deserves to be banned?

Can anyone help me in communicating with staff or advise what should I do?

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