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DK Rap Composer Apologizes For the Song On Donkey Kong's 40th Birthday - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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DK Rap Composer Apologizes For the Song On Donkey Kong's 40th Birthday


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Nintendo's beloved ape Donkey Kong is now officially 40 years old, and on the occasion, the composer of the iconic DK Rap apologizes for subjecting fans to the song. The DK Rap remains one of the most well known and beloved songs in Nintendo's music library, despite its creator's apparent disdain for the tune.

The rap debuted in Donkey Kong 64 as the game's intro, and it wormed its way into many players' hearts through its cheesy lyrics. It suits the DK crew to a T, and it's the most remembered part of the game by a wide margin. The song then got remixed in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and while this version is unmistakably different, it still has the same charm as the original song. Though when the song was put into Super Smash Bros. 4 and onward, the segments for Lanky and Chunky Kong were mysteriously cut, much to the disappointment of many fans.

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On Donkey Kong's 40th anniversary, the composer of the DK Rap, Grant Kirkhope, wished the ape a happy 40th birthday. He then apologized to fans for subjecting them "to that bloody awful rap." But YouTuber Nathaniel Bandy replied by saying that "the DK rap is a 10/10" song, showing that despite Kirkhope's humbleness, the DK Rap will always remain beloved in the eyes of fans.

So far, Nintendo hasn't announced any major plans to celebrate Donkey Kong's 40th anniversary, but there have been rumors. In May, a rumor was circulating that a new Donkey Kong title was in development by the same development team as Super Mario Odyssey. Whether it would be a 2D or 3D game is unknown due to conflicting reports of both genres. Adding to this are rumors of a new Donkey Kong animation to push the series as a "multimedia juggernaut." Zippo claims that these DK announcements will be happening "sooner rather than later," and only time will tell whether these rumors age well or not.

If Donkey Kong did get a new game this year, a new version of the DK Rap would be a very pleasant surprise to many fans, especially if it was a 3D followup game to Donkey Kong 64. Though if a new DK Rap was made, it remains to be seen whether the Lanky and Chunky Kong segments would still be removed. Lanky Kong hasn't appeared in a mainline Donkey Kong game since Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, and Chunky Kong hasn't returned since Donkey Kong 64 itself. But if a new 3D Donkey Kong game were to be made featuring the old DK crew, that would be a brilliant way to pay tribute to one of Nintendo's longest running franchises, and the very first rival of its legendary plumber.

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