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FF - SSL Final!

Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

All User Classes Now SSL Enabled

After developing and testing for quite some time, we have now rolled out encrypted SSL tracker communication!

You may say "Ok, what does that mean to me?" Well, it means that all communications with FunFile will be encrypted so that ISPs/Hackers/etc cannot see what your are doing on FunFile OR your torrent client communication with the FunFile tracker. We use a valid commercial e-commerce grade SSL certificate to encrypt communication between the FunFile servers and your web browser and now from FunFile Tracker to your torrent client.

Additionally, if you properly set your torrent client to force/only use encryption, then all communications with the FunFile website, tracker and other peers will be completely encrypted! Make sure your client is set to only communicate via encryption, here are examples for most popular torrent clients, you should have these settings in place already for security no matter what tracker you use as client encryption settings only encrypt (or have to do with) communication between seeders/leechers (ie peers):

uTorrent Windows or Wine: Options -> Preferences -> BitTorrent -> Encryption Forced, No Legacy

Vuze/Azureus Windows or OS X:
Tools -> Options -> Mode -> Intermediate (save) then expand Connection -> Transport Encryption -> Require encrypted transport, Minimum encryption level RC4, Use the 'cryptoport' tracker extension to prevent plain incoming connection attempts.

uTorrent OS X: uTorrent -> Preferences -> BitTorrent -> Encryption Forced

Transmission OS X: Transmission -> Preferences -> Peers -> Prefer encrypted peers, ignore unencrypted peers

rTorrent users may need to do some tweaking, if you have problems (see FF Support; It should be known that Ubuntu 12 has issues with SSL),
CLICK HERE for the SSL Tracker FAQ

Your older/already running torrents will not automagically change to SSL (but will still work, FOR NOW), you must remove the torrent (not the data), re-download the .torrent from FunFile and re-add the torrent which contains the new SSL tracker URL - Only newly downloaded torrents will contain the new SSL tracker announce/communication URL.

The roll-out schedule:
Elite VIP - ENABLED June 1
Elite User - ENABLED June 15
Power User - ENABLED June 23
User - ENABLED July 3

SSL Encryption is now the default on all downloaded torrents. If you have older torrents running, re-download and re-add them to your client to use the new SSL tracker url, for more experienced users (with many torrents) we'll have a "how to" change the tracker url directly in your client in the next few days.

If you have questions or problems do not hesitate to contact us. Use the StaffBox, JavaIRC Chat and /join #help or direct connect with an IRC client to irc.funfile.org port 6667 and /join #help

Also, any form of trackerless communication should be disabled:
All forms of DHT should be disabled!
Local Peer Discovery should be disabled!
Peer Exchange should be disabled!

For the love of whatever deity you follow, DON'T AUTO UPDATE YOUR CLIENT!!

DO NOT use public trackers

Other helpful information & reminders:
- FAQ and RULES -You should have already read them, right?
- HIT & RUN GUIDE -Detailed, with pictures even.
- PORT FORWARDING ASSISTANCE (Skip Ads!) -Recommended port number between 50000 and 65000.
- OPTIMIZE uTORRENT -Tweak your uTorrent for max speed. Easy step-by-step with pictures.
- ALLOWED CLIENTS LIST -Set your client to *not* auto-upgrade. Recent changes made.
- IRC GUIDE -Getting started and useful scripts.
- MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS -Exceptions at Ops discretion only.
- SEEDBOXES and KILLER CONNECTIONS -Speeding tickets are a bitch here.
- FREE LEECH TORRENTS -Ratio boosters FTW!
- SEEDBOX GUIDE -A nice provider comparison.

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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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