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Tophos – closing time!

Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

There’s no proper way to say this, but I have decided to close the site down.

It took alot of consideration on my part to come to this decision, so know that it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing.

We have been around as a torrent community for nearly 10 years now in 1 shape or form, around for roughly 2 years on the Filetopia network even prior to us swapping to the torrent protocol.

There are quite a few users on the site that I have known for these past 12+ years.

Due to the fact that alot of us have been around so long and gotten to know each other so well, I have decided to leave all of the sites chat functions running for another week or so.

(Shoutbox, pms, forums, etc…)

During this time feel free to get in contact with friends you have met/made on the site over the years and exchange contact information.

All torrent related functions have already been disabled.

As always I value users privacy very highly, for this reason you have no worries about your personal information being sold to anyone as several torrent communities have done over the years. I have already purged most of the users data we did have with exception to actual accounts, which will be purged as soon as the closing is final.

For other sites that wish to obtain certain functions of our current codebase feel free to contact me for more details.

I have already started sharing some of my custom codes on various bt related coding forums over the last few weeks.

My decision to close the site has nothing to due with funding in any way, shape, or form… for those who have already or are going to ask.

For those of you who may try to pry information about why I decided to close the site from other staff members, they know about as much as you, this news post is the first they hear about this decision as well.


Very sad for us to see THS go, they were a great community and have out lived and ranked many trackers to this day. The site did more then most do and had there ups and downs. We wish a great journey and farewell to those at THS and wish the best for you all. Stay safe and have a fun new journey.


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