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Membership for inactive ADC members:

Inactive ADC member needs to have some old ADC movies/anime for upload, tell us what they are (few names) and approximate size of all planned uploads. And to be ready to post at least 5 torrents in the first week.

Also, we do not have a sponsor and pay for everything ourselves, which comes to one payment of $21 for server (just once), and $10 once every 2-3 years for hosting. Depends on number of honest members. You will have 60 days before giving money away to decide if the community is for you, or you prefer to leave and try elsewhere.

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Avoid unnecessary posts such as 'Thank you', 'Welcome', etc. Such posts will be deleted and user will be warned if it happens again. If caught spamming, the following actions are applicable -

  • First time - Warning
  • Second time - 5000 Points will be deducted
  • Third time - Ban for 7 days
  • Fourth time - Permanent Ban

If the post helped you, reward the user by reacting to the post like this -


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Not sure what's with members who have to pay dues and what are they thinking?

Could it be "maybe they will not notice me and let others pay"? "I am seeding a lot, no way they will get read of me" or "I am such a good uploader, I am paying by uploading a lot". "I donated before, why should I pay?" - because all money were spend on hosting, nothing was left to hardware.

Well, you can only seed and upload because the hardware was bought for that, not donated, bought. And is it really my life goal to give you this opportunity?

Would you give money to another member because he is seeding a lot or uploading a lot? Don't think so. If that's what you asking of me, I am not intellectually impaired for that. I support honest attempts without profit involved, but will not allow to take advantages of me. And I have to, I will buy something in the store.

And if you think I will pay my own money to you for uploading or seeding you must be confused. And you know what? These are not imaginary money, its actual physical cash paid to buy a server.

Unpaid accounts will be closed at the end of September, don't think twice about it.
"We can pay later, sure they'll take the money" hmm possibly but twice as much.

Honestly, you asked so little and will get so much, isn't it obvious?

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