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God of War Fan Makes Awesome Egyptian Setting Concept Art


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Recently, it was confirmed that God of War: Ragnarok is set to conclude God of War's Norse saga with its upcoming installment. Since this information was expressed, fans have relied upon substantial narrative teases to determine where the protagonists might be headed next.

Cory Barlog has shared an underlying reason for the Norse saga's seemingly abrupt conclusion, stating that it revolves around the logistics with regard to development. Some fans believe that God of War: Ragnarok may segue directly into an Egyptian mythology, whether in the game's final act or during a post-credits tease. Today, CptnCASx has shared Eric Ryan's fan-made concept art for a potential Egyptian tale in the God of War franchise.

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Ryan's artwork transports Kratos and Atreus into an Ancient Egyptian landscape entirely, complete with their own culturally appropriate outfits. The concept art evokes a similar conceptual design to the official key art for both God of War and God of War: Ragnarok, where the father-and-son duo stand before their present mythology's landscape with Easter eggs and references scattered throughout that flesh out the world. Pyramids, skeletal enemies cloaked in robes and skirts, a giant pharaoh, and winged lions are among the many interesting details included in the fan's concept art.

Having a barren, sandswept environment such as this would create a stark contrast to the biting cold of Fimbulwinter in God of War: Ragnarok. If Santa Monica Studio wished to generate the most significant environmental transition, perhaps diverting to an Ancient Egyptian mythology for its next sequel would be the most satisfying. Ryan's concept suggests that along with a new mythos, Kratos could also receive a new weapon type: a khopesh.

Because the Leviathan Axe has become such an iconic weapon in its first installment, it would be a difficult pill for fans to swallow if it was discontinued for future installments in favor of a new weapon. But that might very well be the case with a new mythology that would only inhabit particular weapon types representative of the culture. Further, like Baldur, Freya, and other characters who have taken part in God of War's Norse mythology adventure, it is certain that Ancient Egypt's gods would be implemented as thoughtfully and with enough twists to keep players in suspense.

Fans argue that would be a lot of storytelling to wrap up and introduce into God of War: Ragnarok, with exposition and a cleaner transition left for the next sequel instead. Because such enormous spans of time persist between releases for ample development time, fans may have to wait some time to see what is ultimately in store for the franchise.

God of War: Ragnarok is scheduled to release in 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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