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Date : 2021-09-14

"Downtime sucks.

Had a hard drive playing hide and seek.  Good news is, the drive came back to get the current data off of, and there was just some quick SQL table repairs needed to get back online.

I was planning to move the 'spleen to its new infrastructure (physical server stuff, not new site/code) soon anyway, and so I took the "opportunity" and extended the downtime to do the migration before bringing the site back instead of taking down the site again sometime later. (Sorry about that, it took much longer than expected to migrate.)  

We have moved on to new infrastructure (note, this included an IP change) that has some better redundancy, backup & recovery toys and a number of other better things.  The site has been back up for a day or two in its new home, so if you notice anything missing, off or not working, drop by IRC and let us know.  (Was a direct copy of the VM image, so I'm not expecting anything, but the IP did change so...)

As for new site/code news, we just passed the 4,000 users with email mark. (Stat has been added to home page.)  There is still conversion work in progress and lots of testing before we go live, please check with your invitees to see if they have done so!  We need everyone's help to get as many 'spleeners to the new site as we can.

Oh, and I've also added some more freeleech time for everyone, enjoy! "


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