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Nintendo Switch Fan Shares Awesome Concept For UI Redesign - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Nintendo Switch Fan Shares Awesome Concept For UI Redesign


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The Nintendo Switch console has been Nintendo's main focus for five years now, and it continues to be a powerful force in the gaming industry. Its UI, however, has not seen a major refresh since launch, prompting some fans to create their own UI redesign concepts.

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's hybrid home and portable console, launched long before the Xbox Series X and PS5 yet is still incredibly popular due to its exclusives and novel features. That said, its UI has always been limited to two simple options: a dark theme and a light theme.

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Reddit user porcorousseauu put together a beautifully rendered take on the interface that keeps the same basic structure but changes things up to be more visually appealing than a plain background and boxes. The "View All" button is moved to the top left instead of the end of the game list, offering easier access, and the background changes from a flat color to a blurred, colorful surface somewhat reminiscent of the PS5 UI. Besides the addition of folders and the movement of a few elements, the refresh does not change much, but that is likely for the best since it would still feel familiar to longtime users.

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Despite the novel ideas included, porcorousseauu is not the first to make a new UI concept; in April 2021 another user uploaded a similar Switch UI design that, while it has significant differences, shows that fan demand for a refreshed UI is not isolated. In contrast to the Wii U and 3DS's easy to navigate and visually appealing UIs, the current Switch design uses mostly flat colors and icons, stripping it of any distinct style.

Before the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors culminated in the Switch OLED, some fans were hoping Nintendo would officially update the UI to allow for more customization. Currently, the single line of recently-played games it offers does not even allow users to create folders or categories, a feature present in some form on both of its major competitors. This seemingly basic feature would be helpful for organizing large libraries of games into smaller categories.

The Nintendo Switch's massive popularity comes despite major issues extending beyond just the UI. Even years later, many users are still struggling with the dreaded Joy-Con drift. While rumors suggest Nintendo may address drift soon, the lack of action from Nintendo can be understandably frustrating. Nintendo's resistance to fan ideas also means if a UI design is in the works, it is probably nothing like what the fans expect. Still, this fan's work deserves appreciation.

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