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Apex Legends Disconnect Errors May Continue to Be A Problem Until Next Week - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Apex Legends Disconnect Errors May Continue to Be A Problem Until Next Week


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Apex Legends is currently experiencing a surge of players following the release of the battle royale game's 10.1 update, which arrived earlier this week as part of the Evolution Collection Event. As a result, Apex Legends has been experiencing serious connectivity issues and disconnects each day since the update's September 14 arrival. Despite Respawn Entertainment's continued effort to improve the situation, it's now confirmed Apex Legends disconnects are expected to last into next week.

In the latest update from Resawn, issued Friday evening, the studio confirmed Apex Legends connectivity issues are expected to continue over the weekend. Specifically, Respawn says to expect disconnect errors while playing Apex Legends more frequently than usual. These disconnects are said to be occurring around 3x more than typical, which isn't necessarily a massive issue but is more than Respawn is comfortable seeing in the battle royale.

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A patch is in the works, of course, but isn't going to arrive this weekend. Respawn says that the next patch for Apex Legends is currently planned to be issued on September 22, which is next Wednesday. In other words, Respawn is asking Apex Legends players to be patient while the issue continues to be worked on and then resolved with a more substantial fix than what it has previously been able to offer. When September 22 arrives, Respawn believes it will bring with it a "full return to normal."

The September 22 update won't be the first fix that Respawn has issued for Apex Legends' ongoing connectivity problems. On Thursday Respawn said that it had "ramped up server capacity" and then it issued several fixes on Friday. These fixes are what likely led Apex Legends' connectivity issues to dwindle down to the 3x normal level they are right now. Respawn did note on Thursday that it expected that the problems would require some "work through the weekend."

Connection issues are one of the worst things to experience in an online game like Apex Legends. They can hit mid-match and make it so players feel like they've wasted their time. Disconnects can hit in the Apex Legends lobby and prevent players from spending time with their friends. And just when it feels like players are hitting a good streak, a disconnect will kill a player's momentum.

For the time being, Apex Legends players will just have to do their best to deal with the disconnects. As noted, connection issues are affecting players at a rate only 3x normal, which means they probably aren't hitting the vast majority of players. Still, for those players who are being impacted, it's going to be a long wait until Wednesday's update.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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