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Dune TV Spot Teases Thopter Chase Into The Desert Of Arrakis


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The latest Dune TV spot teases an epic thopter chase through the deserts of Arrakis, with Paul and Lady Jessica perhaps along for the ride. Denis Villeneuve's attempt at bringing Frank Herbert's Dune to the big screen is one of the most anticipated movies of the fall. After being delayed from last year to this October, Dune will premiere in theaters and on HBO Max in just a few weeks. Up until recently, Villeneuve famously disagreed with the streaming release, but it's said that the possibility of a sequel depends on how well the movie performs on HBO Max.

Others have tried to adapt Dune, but few have managed to completely capture the grandeur of Herbert's world. In Villeneuve's version, Timothée Chalamet stars as chosen one Paul Atreides, the son of a noble family recently chosen to lord over the desert planet of Arrakis. Known for its rare and valuable resource, Arrakis is a target for many, and House Atreides will find themselves facing plenty of enemies while on their new journey. Villeneuve has only adapted the first half of the Dune novel but plans to make the second into another film.

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A new TV spot for Dune (via Secrets of Dune) offers glimpses at plenty of the action sequences, from a one-man battle featuring Jason Momoa's Duncan Idaho to the infamous sandworms. There are also multiple shots of Arrakis' thopters (the transport vehicles citizens often use) in the midst of some high-speed chases. Check it out below.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

The early reviews for Dune have all praised Villeneuve's epic scope and the impressive visuals he has created, and each new bit of footage from the movie further supports the idea that it will be a marvel on the big screen. Villeneuve's thopter designs are particularly intriguing, and the chase seen in the above TV spot has the potential to be one of the most thrilling parts of Dune. For those less familiar with Herbert's world, it might take a while to grow accustomed to all the nuances and unique gadgets. Still, it looks like Villeneuve has done well in bringing it to life.

Going into the fall, all eyes are on Dune to see how it fares. It's been some time since there was a sci-fi epic of this scale in theaters, and many are wondering how audiences will respond to it. The early buzz has been generally favorable, and its international box office returns are starting out strong. If Dune keeps up excitement with more thrilling promos like the one above, then the sky is the limit.

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