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Tom Hardy Reveals Venom 2's Love Story Inspirations


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Tom Hardy has opened up about the love story inspirations behind Venom: Let There Be Carnage's themes and many relationships. The dynamic between Hardy's Eddie Brock and Venom symbiote was one of the most fondly remembered aspects of 2018's Venom, with fans becoming invested in the budding relationship between the reporter and alien. Early trailers for the Andy Serkis-directed sequel have already teased how Brock and Venom's life has changed ahead of its October 1st theatrical release.

In Venom, Eddie and Venom's relationship got off to a rough start. The alien accidentally bonding with the investigative journalist followed a failed lab break-in to expose the Life Foundation's human experimentation. Gradually, the pair come to a mutual understanding and later form a friendship after growing to know one another throughout the struggles against the Life Foundation and Riot. The pair's developing relationship has been previously teased by Serkis, and now Hardy has further discussed what inspired Eddie and Venom's blooming bond.

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Speaking to Screen Rant about Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Hardy stated that the sequel is a love story, but not in the traditional sense, as it takes a more absurd and dysfunctional approach instead. The actor cited inspirations such as The Odd Couple and The Seven Year Itch, as well as buddy films. Hardy then said that the film's other couples are intertwined with Eddie and Venom, with the crew behind the production hoping to explore relationships from various angles, such as Venom and Carnage. Hardy ultimately states he and the crew hoped to get as much as they could out of the characters, comparing each relationship while making it fun for the audience. Read what Hardy said below:

"Yeah. It's a hundred percent a love story. I mean, it opens up with, this is a love story. It's just not... There's an absurd, surreal element to that. But it's not what you think, it's about a kind of dysfunctional love. There's a buddy movie there. There's the odd couple, there's the seven year itch. There's an element of Thelma and Louise, or Natural Born Killers, or True Romance with the other couple in that movie as well. And there's these two couples in there, and then there's... Well, there's three because there's Dr. Dan and Anne as well. So it's like, three couples intertwined in very different relationships, with varying degrees of functionality, or dysfunction, as you would like it, in a sort of operatic ride of thrills, with ultimately, Carnage and Cletus Cassidy being the nemesis of Venom, and his son. So, you've got a father, son movie too in there. So we came at it from lots of angles of, how do we make this? How do we get more out of our characters that we love? How do we introduce new ones? How do we make a comparative reflection between the couples and love. And what's that about? But also it be good fun."

Taking place a year and a half after the events of Venom, the first trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage gave fans their first glimpse at Eddie and Venom's new normal, with the alien chaotically cooking its host a large breakfast. The pair have clearly developed a strong bond as the symbiote complies with Eddie's request not to eat people while protecting the streets of San Francisco. Serkis stated that the pair still have a long way to go, however. They're figuring out how to live in this cramped way, as Eddie is more work-focused and covert, while Venom is more hyperactive and aggressive, aligning with The Odd Couple inspirations Hardy discussed.

One of Venom's strongest appeals was the relationship between Eddie and Venom, as Hardy played both the reporter and alien masterfully. Many fans were drawn in by the pair's relationship and how unique it was compared to what they had usually come to expect from superhero films, making Venom unique among other films in the genre. With Hardy's comments on the pair's relationship and how it intertwines with the rest of the film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage seems to build on what made the first film stand out, continuing to develop the relationship that intrigued, interested, and inspired audiences.

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