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News for good, and bad news.

The bad news: the main upload bot server crashed, and despite our efforts only a very small part of the releases could be recovered, in the end around 7000 torrents were lost, of which around 5000 no longer have any seeder. . As you can imagine, it was not planned and it put our morale up. But ... (This is where you need to read the good news too ...)

The good news: the Retention team was working on a reseed system with archiving of what it uploads (on media that does not allow seed). The system has been brought online, and is working relatively well. More than 90% of uploads by the Retention team in the Films and serial packs categories are available at reseed. A very large part of episodes (series or anime) and games is also. The eBooks will be in a few weeks. Finally, many torrents from other uploaders have also been archived. Above all, almost all of the 25TB lost in the crash is too. How to do ? (I hear your thoughts mixing anxiety and excitement). Simply ask.

On the IRC, a dedicated chan has been created, and all users can request a reseed on the #reseed chan with the command! Reseed https://abnlol/Torrent/Details?ReleaseId=XXXXXX The bot will take care of the stay and keep you informed.
If you do not have access to the IRC make a request on the topic https://abn.lol/Forum/Topic/2338 "Centralization of your reseed requests" in the same form! Reseed https: // abnlol / Torrent / Details? ReleaseId = XXXXXX and a team member will send the order to iRC as soon as possible (team member or any ABN member present on the #reseed channel)

Some limitations to the system anyway:

The cost is borne by a handful of members. Keep your torrents in seed to the maximum, the server will not be able to take the load of reseeding all the torrents of more than 15 days claimed if no one is seeded any more. It would force us to limit access to the service (and elitism or bigotry are not in ABN's DNA)
The system cannot launch several reseeds at the same time (it does not parallelize the tasks, they will be processed one after the other). Its speed oscillates between 1 and 2Go / min. If a lot of requests are in progress (or you want a 90GB torrent) you may have to wait a bit.
This system is not developed by the tracker itself but by sharing enthusiasts, many torrents are unfortunately not available.
Similarly, we have to go through the IRC, we are trying to insert a button on the pages of torrents to automate everything.

So, if there is only one thing to remember: If a torrent is not seeded, request its reseed on IRC, an automated system will look for it in an archive containing a large part of the uploads for 2 years. You will then be informed of the availability (accessible in the archive, then reseeded), or its unavailability (not accessible in the archive, reseeding error)

Here are some screens showing the system at work:


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