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Detention Trailer Teases Terrifying Video Game Adaptation


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International film distributor, Dekanalog, recently released the first trailer for the United States release of John Hsu's celebrated directorial debut, Detention. The film is an adaptation of the acclaimed horror video game of the same name, which released in 2017. Both the film and the game follow the story of Fang Ray-Shin (Gingle Wang) as she encounters the sinister supernatural forces that have taken over her school, set against the backdrop of the White Terror period in Taiwanese history.

Dekanalog's trailer for Detention highlights the many elaborate yet terrifying set pieces that comprise the film. Dark hallways lit by dim candlelight seem to be a visual staple for the film, as the trailer is chock full of haunting shots that show characters frantically running up and down them. The trailer seems to indicate that the film follows its source material closely, with some horizontal tracking shots appearing as though they are ripped straight from the game itself. Check out the full Detention trailer below:

Click here to watch the trailer on Vimeo.

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Detention originally released across Asia (apart from mainland China, where it is banned by the government) in September 2019, where it enjoyed glowing critical and commercial success. Dekanalog is now promoting the film for its U.S. release, where the film will be available for American audiences to watch on October 8. If the trailer, reviews, and word-of-mouth are anything to go by, horror fans should make sure to check out Detention when it arrives to the U.S. next month.

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