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Dead by Daylight's Mid-Chapter Update Buffs Trapper, Nerfs Spirit


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Dead by Daylight's active patch updates service the game's functionality while Behaviour Interactive refuses to slow down on prolific content. Patch updates attempt to rectify latent issues and, as part of the game's latest updates, two of Dead by Daylight's killer characters have been given substantive revisions.

As part of Dead by Daylight's mid-chapter update, Behaviour Interactive has shared part one of a two-part Developer Update. Recent news about this mid-chapter update details favorable news for Trapper players and perhaps less favorable news for Spirit players.

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Altogether,¬†Dead by Daylight's update¬†applies a considerable buff to the Trapper as well as a considerable nerf to the Spirit. Starting with the Trapper, this mid-chapter update buff increases the number of bear traps that players can rely upon during a match, whether they are randomly spawned into the realm or brought in through applicable add-on items. This means having more of the Trapper's unique bear traps available as a resource at all times. Now, six traps spawn instead of a variable 4‚Äď6 traps, with Behaviour's intention to make "each match feel more consistent."

Further, Trappers can now carry and start a match with a default of two traps, which may help turn the tide for players who wish not to lug in add-ons to supplement traps. Ultimately, this update buffs the Trapper to be much stronger or more capable throughout a match, as they will now have more traps to exhaust.

Even so, add-ons that affect trap resets and how many traps are carried at the start of the Trial have been buffed to erase any detriments that were previously associated with them, which include Tension Spring and Trapper Sack. Survivors will effectively have to remember this information when considering how many traps to expect throughout a single Trial.

The Spirit receiving a nerf may not come as a surprise to veteran Dead by Daylight players, with many considering Spirit to be one of the highest-tiered killer characters in the game. However, Behaviour's mid-chapter update does not nerf Spirit in the traditional sense of making any of her meta strategies or abilities worse. Instead, it adds counterplays for survivors to better contend with the Spirit that simply were not existent beforehand.

Spirit's two largest gameplay changes first include a "directional phase sound" that survivors will hear when she phases, which helps them determine where she is phasing from. Second, dust will be kicked up from the ground when Spirit phases, giving eagle-eyed survivor players a visual signifier of her general location. This sounds most similar to the Wraith's cloaked transparency, which also notifies attentive survivor players of his presence.

Dead by Daylight is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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