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Dead by Daylight Announces Newest Content with Cryptic, Witch-Themed Teaser - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Dead by Daylight Announces Newest Content with Cryptic, Witch-Themed Teaser


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Dead by Daylight has its hands full with a re-enabled skill-based matchmaking system in place alongside its newest chapter release, featuring Hellraiser's Pinhead. But, unsurprisingly from Dead by Daylight, content continues to be churned out.

Dead by Daylight's new grade system replaces the previous rank system and now resets each month fully back to the lowest grade, Ash, with a supply of Bloodpoints awarded for how high players were able to progress through grade palettes over the course of the month. Further, Pinhead's release in Dead by Daylight was only less than a month ago, but future events may be hurrying along the game's next content update.

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Today, Dead by Daylight revealed a new teaser that is captioned solely with a notable quote: "Double, double, toil and trouble..." This quote is featured in a variety of media references that each connect to witches or witchcraft more generally, such as Shakespeare's Macbeth. Therefore, Dead by Daylight's latest content tease strongly suggests that a female survivor character will be added to the game soon, with the unique aesthetic of witchcraft associated with her. Few substantial clues can be found in this teaser to assist in deciphering its cryptic nature.

The teaser itself offers what appears to be a first-person perspective of the new character, who gasps and shudders nervously behind a set of drawn curtains. These curtains are dark red, but on them is a pattern of little symbols for either a witch or wizard's hat and skulls, among other obscured images. Roaring applause is heard from the other side before the curtains are opened, and the teaser abruptly ends there to leave players in suspense.

Dead by Daylight's fan community has become exceptional at estimating which characters and what content may appear from the seemingly insignificant details that these teasers present. Butler argues that instead of the new female survivor being a witch herself, she may simply be "a female actor who may have witch themed cosmetics." Other speculation states that the survivor character may also be some sort of professional magician.

Regardless, this information points toward them being a new, original character. Like Behaviour Interactive's other teaser snippets, there could be red herrings to consider, and it may not be entirely clear who this character is before more is explicitly announced.

In fact, October is right around the corner. Because Halloween is arriving relatively soon, the witch or witchcraft theme inferred from this tease may purposely coincide with the spooky holiday's festivities. By announcing the teaser now, the surprise can be left for October and a potential witch-themed female survivor may excite players when Halloween draws nearer.

Dead by Daylight is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X

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