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Hey, everyone!

We're happy to announce our first ever contest here at CRT! This hopefully helps to fill out our WOC* category with more amazing content!


1 Token for every upload (max 10)

72 hours of Personal Doubleseed for your 5th upload

48 hours of Personal Freeleech for your 10th upload

If you happen to hit 20 uploads during this time, you will be granted an additional 24 hours of Freeleech time as well as 48 hours of Doubleseed!

If you are interested in contributing in this contest, please create a single reply to this thread and edit it as you add more torrents. When adding/editing your reply, simply copy the torrent link and paste it. The site will format the link correctly after you hit submit. Please do not post more than one reply so we can issue rewards in a timely fashion.

This contest will last one week! We look forward to seeing all the great WOC content you all have to share!

Notes: This applies to new torrent uploads only. Existing torrents do no qualify to your upload count.

*We have recently added more formal rules for uploading WOC content. Please look here before starting your uploads or you may not receive credit.

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