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Hollow Knight: Silksong Fan is Drawing Characters Every Day Until The Game Releases


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If there's one title that many in the gaming community have been looking forward to playing, its Hollow Knight: Silksong. While much of the game has been shown off already, the ongoing development of Hollow Knight: Silksong has lasted for quite some time now, causing many fans to become restless. However, one fan has developed a way to keep track of how long the development has taken and pass the time until the game releases.

The original Hollow Knight was met with massive amounts of success back when it first launched, not to mention how popular the game still is within the gaming community. Back in August, Hollow Knight broke its most concurrent players record a full four years after the game's initial release. Very few indie games have managed to maintain that much longevity in terms of relevance, to the point where even Hollow Knight's unreleased sequel has managed to influence players in the present day.

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A Reddit user named WeeblesJeebles has been drawing Hollow Knight characters every day for the past 640 days and doesn't plan to stop until Hollow Knight: Silksong is released. Not only is it impressive that the user has managed to stick to that regiment for nearly two years, but also that it's taken Team Cherry that long to continue to develop the game since the initial announcement.

Many have taken to comparing Hollow Knight: Silksong to Elden Ring given the lack of updates regarding the development of either game. Though, to put things in perspective, WeeblesJeebles has shown just how long it's been since the game's announcement and how much time has been spent on development since. Compared to many other highly anticipated games, 640 days, surprisingly, isn't that much time comparatively.

The fact that Bayonetta 3 was announced back in 2017 and yet only received a gameplay trailer this week goes to show just how long development can take. The original Hollow Knight was an incredibly ambitious game, with a plethora of different environments, enemy types, charms, unlockable abilities, and other in-game content. If Silksong is anything like its predecessor, then the scope of content for players to experience will likely be on the same level.

At this point, the best thing that fans can do right now is wait. If Cyberpunk 2077 taught the gaming community anything, is that game development is a very taxing and methodical process that shouldn't be rushed. It's likely that Team Cherry wants to get the game as right as possible before launch. In the meantime, WeeblesJeebles will probably be drawing those Hollow Knight characters for quite some time.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is currently in development.

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