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Frustrated Apex Legends Fan Comes Up With A Concept For A New Support Legend - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Frustrated Apex Legends Fan Comes Up With A Concept For A New Support Legend


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Manny gamers have recently voiced some frustration with the popular battle royale Apex Legends. One Redditor named CrazyGuyWithAOwlMask focused thier disappointment on the support role in Apex Legends, claiming that the legend roster needs an additional healer to support teams.

Apex Legends requires good team composition and strategy. If players want to be successful, they need to fill specific dynamics on their team. As of right now, though, the popular FPS only has one playable character that can heal allies. With this in mind, many players appear to be hopeful that another healing-centric character could expand team options.

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While some Apex Legends players want character buffs, CrazyGuyWithAOwlMask went above and beyond to suggest an entirely new legend. The suggested character had a focus on shield management. The tactical ability for this theoretical class revolved around using shield cells on teammates. The player would aim at an ally and then use their tactical ability. The ally would then instantly gain 25 shield, while the supporting character would lose a shield cell. Just this ability alone would drastically affect engagements, as players would be able to aid their teammates from afar during skirmishes.

The support character’s passive ability was suggested to revolve around used Apex Legends' respawn beacons. The player would be able to reactivate used beacons and use them to respawn their teammates 15% faster than normal. The final suggestion was the character’s ultimate ability, which would allow teammates within a certain radius of the player to receive a bulk of healing from every item the player uses. This would also deactivate the player’s tactical ability for a limited time.

Many fans were skeptical of the suggestion, but thought that with some fine tuning, a character with these abilities would be a great addition to the Apex Legends roster. There were quite a few commenters that were concerned with the new class’s ultimate ability in particular, though. Their argument was that the ability could be too overpowered, especially when used in conjunction with red shields and shield batteries. Even if it sounds like Apex Legends is going to feature a combat-centric support class next season, players still seem to want a healing-centric one.

While the idea garnered skeptics, a lot of players were very receptive to the concept of another support class. Some even suggested that the class be more centered on moving the entire team and less on healing, though Apex Legends developers have already voiced difficulties with movement balancing. Regardless, fans seem to be generating a lot of buzz over a new support class. It is something that a large contingent of the community clearly wants, even if it does not end up looking exactly like the idea suggested above.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

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