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How I Met Your Mother: 10 Ways Robin & Barney Are The Most Relatable Couple


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How I Met Your Mother tells the story of Ted spending years and years trying to find his soul mate, with the support of his best friends. However, along the way, the fans also became interested in the dynamics between the other characters - especially since some of them began romances with each other (such as Barney and Robin).

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While the importance of Barney and Robin's relationship is often overlooked because the pair do not end up together, their relationship is definitely one of the most realistic as the viewers have seen them face a series of challenges or mature together. While fans were a little disappointed by their split, they still remain one of the best pairings on How I Met Your Mother.

10They Do Not Have An Immediate Romantic Connection

When Barney and Robin first meet, Barney is actually acting as a wingman for Ted because he is the one who initially takes to her. While Barney and Robin seem to get on and do develop a friendship over time, there does not seem to be any romantic element to their friendship.

This is relatable for some fans because some romantic connections are built over time, having got to know each other first. Whereas Robin and Ted, and Lily and Marshall's romantic connections are presented as instantaneous, some fans relate to Robin and Barney's relationship because the romantic connection is not immediate for them.

9They Are Friends First

As Robin and Ted are the pair who are initially interested in each other, Robin and Barney develop a friendship with each other before they become romantically involved. They get to know and learn how to be vulnerable around one another, which can often lead to some sweetest friendship scenes (as How I Met Your Mother fans will contest).

Fan relate to this because so many successful relationships are built on friendships. By building that foundation of trust and familiarity with one another, it would likely feel natural to take that next step (if some wished to).

8They Break Up And Get Back Together

When Barney and Robin do eventually get together for the first time, their relationship does not last. The pair become extremely dysfunctional and, despite caring for one another, being in a relationship with one another does not make either of them happy. However, with some distance, experience, and space to grow individually the pair reunite and marry.

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Many fans relate to this storyline because it is very common for relationships to end and then restart. Sometimes things like timing and headspace can make all the difference in a relationship, making their love and bond stronger (as is the case for Barney and Robin).

7They Have The Same Friendship Group

How I Met Your Mother begins with Robin joining Ted, Barney, Lily, and Marshall's group. Most of the scenes in the show are centered on the five friends spending time together and talking to each other. It is therefore unsurprising that relationships between characters form, given how much time they spent together.

As a relationship forming between Robin and Barney is likely because they are in the same friendship group, a similar situation is just as likely in real life. Spending lots of time together and have lots in common is a great starting point for a relationship, and so fans recognize this as an extremely relatable situation.

6They Remain Friends After Breaking Up

When Robin and Barney break up after their first relationship, Robin definitely struggles. Although the decision to break up is mutual and both characters know it is the right thing to do, it does take a while for the two to get back to the friendship stage. However, they do manage to successfully do that as they work hard to make sure that things aren't awkward between them.

This is one of the reasons why Robin and Barney's relationship is relatable: although it does not initially work out for them romantically, they still care about each other after breaking up. Their feelings of love for each other do not simply disappear and they manage to channel their love into their friendship.

5There Is Unrequited Love

Although for some of the series Robin and Barney are happily in a relationship, there are also times when they are not but one of them wants to be. This is true for both characters, although particularly for Barney. When Robin and Ted are living together and begin being intimate with each other again, Barney is devastated. When Robin chooses to stay with Kevin instead of being with Barney, it is one of the saddest moments in How I Met Your Mother.

This is relatable for fans because sometimes love is not simple and two people do not love each other equally or in the same way. Unlike Lily and Marshall's relationship, Robin and Barney's relationship shows this situation and how heartbreaking it is for them.

4They Want The Best For Each Other

Whether Barney and Robin are in a relationship or not, it is clear that they want the best for one another. When they break up for the first time, it is both because they want to be happy themselves and they want each other to be happy too. When Robin and Barney agree to break up Nora and Kevin together, Barney desperately hopes that Robin will leave Kevin for him. However, when she does not, he does not intervene because he wants her to be happy.

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Fans relate to this because relationships are founded on caring about the other person and wanting them to be happy. Although this is not always easy for Robin and Barney, they always do what is best for one another - even if it doesn't involve them.

3They Have To Work At Their Relationship

As things do not always go smoothly in Barney and Robin's relationship, they have to work at their relationship to make it successful. The series sees the two sitting down to discuss their relationship a number of times. Sometimes the pair argue or disagree, and sometimes one of them does not feel valued. The series sees the pair actually having conversations and communicating about any of the problems in their relationship. It also shows them making small sacrifices in order to make their relationship work, with Barney and Robin creating some of HIMYM's great romantic gestures.

This is something that is so often omitted from TV series and movies. A relationship without work and effort is not realistic. The fact that this is shown as a part of Robin and Barney's relationship makes it more relatable and realistic than most.

2They Are Not Always Sure What They Want

There are times in Barney and Robin's relationship when they are not sure if they want to be with each other. When Barney and Robin cheat on Nora and Kevin, Robin is unsure if she wants to stay with Kevin or be with Barney instead. When Robin and Barney are getting married, Barney talks about going back to New York because his tie is the wrong color and Robin is concerned that she should have ended up with Ted. Even when they first get together, neither of them are sure they want to be in a relationship.

This demonstrates another relatable aspect of Barney and Robin's relationship: although they love and care about each other, sometimes their concerns and anxieties get the better of them and make it difficult for them to decipher if the relationship is really what they want.

1Their Relationship Does Not Last Forever

Although Robin and Barney do eventually get engaged and married, they reveal to their friends a little while later that they decided to get divorced. This is a shock to their friends, but Barney and Robin explain that they remain friends and that they see their marriage as successful for a short time rather than unsuccessful.

Relationships that do not end happily ever after are often left out of series, meaning that fans can find it difficult to relate to relationships shown in TV series and movies. However, many relationships do not last forever. The fact that Robin and Barney's relationship is successful for a time, but then stops working and the pair break up, means their relationship is more relatable to fans than most.

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