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Venom Just Wants to Be A Hero in Let There Be Carnage, Says Andy Serkis


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Director Andy Serkis revealed that Venom "wants to be the hero" in a new teaser for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The sequel to 2018's Venom is set to release later this week and will see the return of Tom Hardy as journalist Eddie Brock as he grapples with his new normal of playing host to the alien symbiote, Venom. The movie will see Woody Harrelson cause carnage as a serial killer, Cletus Kasady, with Brock and Venom having to work together to come up against their newest foe in what looks set to be an epic final battle.

In Venom, Brock became somewhat of an antihero as the presence of Venom granted him superhuman strength, speed, and agility whenever he allowed the symbiote to take over his body. The film saw Brock struggling to keep his new acquaintance under control, with Venom wanting to devour almost every human he came across, with the pair ultimately striking a deal that would allow him to eat the 'bad guys' only. Teasers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage have given fans a glimpse into how the pair's relationship has progressed following the previous movie's events, with Brock reminding Venom that if he is to live in his body, the symbiote has to live by his rules.

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Now, Sony has released a new teaser for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. In the teaser, director Andy Serkis revealed how the pair's dynamic has changed since audiences last saw them. In the short clip, Serkis compares Brock and Venom's situation to "living with an oversized toddler," as the director goes on to reveal that "Venom just wants to be the hero" and that "Eddie is far too selfish" to let him do as he pleases. This is followed by a clip of the symbiote reminding Brock that he is a predator and should be out "snacking on bad guys." Check out the full teaser below.

Click here to watch the video.

In the teaser, Serkis also gives a little more insight into what viewers can expect from the pair's relationship, now that the two have had time to adjust to 'living' with one another, stating "it's like the seven-year itch cycle of a relationship," with the pair being "literally stuck with each other." The director also confirms "that odd-couple relationship is what this movie was always gonna be about." It seems audiences will see the conflict of interests between the pair, with Venom simply wanting to eat criminals for dinner while Brock tries to salvage what remains of his normal life.

While Venom was never the 'villain' of the story, but rather just a thorn in Brock's side at times, it's undoubtedly an exciting prospect that audiences may see him take on a more heroic side, albeit in a far less conventional sense. The relationship between these two unlikely companions is central to the film's plot. Serkis' comments about Brock being selfish could be down to them simply disagreeing over what exactly makes a 'hero.' While Venom may think he is doing the world a service by eating bad people, Brock knows this is not always the way to go. Audiences will get to see all of this unfold when Venom: Let There Be Carnage releases next week.

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