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World of Warcraft: Nightbourne Allied Race Finally Get Glowing Hands from Legion - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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World of Warcraft: Nightbourne Allied Race Finally Get Glowing Hands from Legion


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World of Warcraft's upcoming Patch 9.1.5 for its Shadowlands expansion has been rolling out big announcements on its Public Test Realm, between quality-of-life updates, alt-friendly system updates, and a slew of new character customization options. The latest announcement confirms the nightbourne allied race will have the option to have the translucent glowing hand effect that many of the nightbourne non-player characters had when they were first introduced during the Legion expansion in 2016.

With the release of Shadowlands, World of Warcraft introduced a huge amount of character customization options, from hairstyles, tattoos, and scars to skin colors and ear lengths and shapes. Before this update, most of these customization options were unavailable, and those that were found themselves tied together on a single face option. Players were ecstatic to find that they could further shape their characters into more unique forms, and with better representation.

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However, players who play the allied races unlockable character options introduced in Legion and continued in the Battle for Azeroth expansion were largely disappointed. Only a few allied races got customizations, and most, like the nightbourne, got nothing at all. That, on top of the fact that the existing nightbourne character options were lackluster when compared to the magnificent and unique NPC nightbourne models, left a sour taste in their mouths.

To make matters worse, World of Warcraft announced during BlizzConline in February that it had no intention of adding more character customization options for the remainder of the Shadowlands expansion. Players, especially fans of the allied races, were understandably upset by this announcement, but earlier this month, World of Warcraft reversed its statement, announcing that several of the allied races that were previously neglected would be getting some love, with plans to eventually update all of them. For nightbourne players, their characters can finally start taking on some of those awesome, iconic traits that made the Suramar zone and its denizens so memorable.

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