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DesiTorrents News


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DT is back on a new Platform,
We are still working on the site so consider it as beta, there will be major bugs which we will iron out as we go along.

We are starting fresh so torrents will be re uploaded slowly. Along with old DT legacy releases. enjoy 

Remember to read the rules carefully as they have changed ūüĎć

we log user ip, if you are using vpn, let me know or you may get banned by system @everyone

Golden Rules:
Staff's decisions are final. Do not argue with them. Do not challenge their actions. Their wishes must be respected, at all times.
Every torrent MUST be seeded for 5 days/120 Hours or until 1:1 ratio is achieved. Any unsatisfied torrent that is inactive for 3 days will receive a HnR (Hit and Run) warning. After 3 HnR's, your account will lose downloading rights.
Multiple accounts are not allowed. One account per IP address, strictly. You will be banned for life if you create a second account.
Use invites carefully. You are responsible for anyone you invite. If they break the rules. You will both lose your accounts. Members with active Donor Status are immune.
Inactive accounts will be disabled after 3 months of inactivity.
Accessing the site from any IP address is permitted, but your account will be linked with other accounts that have accessed the site from the same IP as you. As such, it is recommended that you do not use public networks, proxies, or VPNs to access the site.
General Rules:
Note: Everyone behind DT are volunteers. The Admins, Support Staff, Developers, Moderators and other helping hands DO NOT get paid for what they do behind the scenes. All donations go towards paying bills to keep the site running.
Do not bash DT or any of the Staff. Not on the site, not on our Discord and NOT on external platforms, sites and trackers either. You have been warned. No warnings will be given and you will be banned for life. If you have an issue open a support ticket.
Aggressive behaviour, sexist & racist comments will not be tolerated. No trolling. Refrain from using foul language.
Political and religious discussions are NOT allowed anywhere.
Do not talk about or promote other trackers/torrent sites.
Do not sell DT invites. Your account will be banned permanently.
Do not post links to or request warez, cracks, product & licence keys.
Do not share/post or upload our .torrent files anywhere. Torrent files contain a passkey which are unique to your account and you will be identified.
Only English is allowed along with Hindi and Urdu (Only in roman script).
All of these rules apply to comments on site, forums and our Discord. Violating any of these rules will get you warnings or even get your account disabled.
Downloading Rules:
Note: Releasers put in a lot of effort to upload and share with the community. Every member has a responsibility to seed everything they download, for as long as possible after the minimum requirements are met.
Seeding will start after a torrent is downloaded 100%. Minimum seed/time requirements are in place. You must seed every torrent you download for at least 5 days (120 hours) or until you have achieved 1:1 ratio for every torrent. For example, If you have download a 3GB torrent, you MUST seed until you have uploaded 3GB for that particular torrent. If there are no leechers then you are required to keep the torrent seeding for 5 days.
If you download 30% or more of a torrent, you must complete 100% of the torrent and seed until the requirements are met to avoid an HnR. Any torrent that has downloaded less than 30% can be safely removed and no HnR warning will be issued.
Any unsatisfied torrent that is seen inactive for 3 days continuously, will receive a HnR warning.
Any torrent that is removed from the client without meeting seeding requirements will receive a HnR warning.
After 3 HnR warnings. Your account will be demoted and you will not be able to download.
25 is the minimum overall ratio that members are required to maintain. If that ratio falls below .25 you will lose downloading rights. Do not ask staff to give you "another chance". You already had one. Raise your ratio by seeding or uploading. You will be given 3 months to improve your ratio before your account is disabled.
Downloading with bot accounts is not allowed and won’t be tolerated.
Members with active Donor Status will not lose downloading rights but are not immune from HnR's.
Uploading Rules:
Do not upload our torrents to other trackers. We may relax this rule in the future but at present this is strictly not allowed.
Screenshots are compulsory. Do not upload a torrent without attaching screenshots.
Posters are compulsory. If the upload template doesn't fetch one. You have to add one manually.
General info about the media is required.
External release groups are welcome to upload with their tags.

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