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List of Trackers by Minimum Seeding Requirement🕒


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▹iTS  3 days

▹Nebulance  Season 5 days & Episodes 1 day

▹TeamHD 4 days 4 hours

▹AlphaRatio 3 days up to 48 GB & 7 days for larger than 48 GB

▹Oppaitime  3 days

▹PreToMe  60 hours

▹TVChaosUK  3 days


Note: I will continuously edit the comment whenever I find more tracker info.

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1. TorrentBD: At least 48 hours (12 hours if you have met the 1:1 criteria: upload the same amount as the size of the torrent)

2. AvistaZ Network: 

Seeding time for torrents under 50GB in size -
The Hit & Run formula is: 72 hours seeding plus 2 hours per GB downloaded

Seeding time for torrents 50GB and larger - 
The formula used for torrents 50GB and over is complex. For most people, using the Hit & Run Chart in the spoiler below will be much simpler.




3. SportsCult (update): Need to add - SEEDING:NHL and MLB seed until ratio=2.00 or 150 hours

4. AcrossTheTasman: N/A

5. BTSchool: 24 hours or 1:1

6. Tasmanit.es: Maintaining a 1/1 share ratio or better

7. BakaBT: 1:1

8. DesiTorrents: You must seed every torrent you download for at least 5 days (120 hours) or until you have achieved 1:1 ratio for every torrent.

9. BwTorrents: 1:1 or 72 hours in 7 days

10. GreatPosterWall: The requirement is totally seed for 48 hours in 2 weeks or at least one full copy.

11. RipsTracker: 1:1

12. Telly: All torrents require a minimum of 7 days (168 hours) seedtime, regardless of ratio.

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AsianDVDClub: N/A

Audionews: N/A

BiTTurk: 1:1 or 3 days (72 hours)

BitSexy: 1:1 or 1 day (24 hours)

Cathode-Ray.Tube: N/A

Concertos: 7 days

Dragonworld-reloaded: 1 day (24 hours)

Film-Paleis: N/A

GFXPeers: 3 days (72 hours)

HappyFappy: 3 days (72 hours)

Hebits: 1:1 or Regular torrents 3 days (72 hours) / Season packs 7 days (168 hours)

HDTurk: 1:0.8 or 3 days 18 hours (90 hours)

JustJerk.Me: 1:1 or 3 days (72 hours)

Orpheus: N/A

PeerJunkies: N/A

PussyTorrents: 1:0.4 or 2 days 12 hours (60 hours)

SDBits: N/A

Secret Cinema: N/A / But making often Hit & Run may result in you to be deleted.

Swarmazon: N/A

Teracod: 1:1 or 2 days (48 hours)

Turkseed: 2 days (48 hours)

TV-Vault: N/A / But Hit and Runners are not tolerated.

Uniongang: N/A

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  • Support Team
15 hours ago, banglabhai420 said:

13. CHDBits: 

Update to 4. AcrossTheTasman (since Global ratio is a thing here, and I missed it): There is no Hit and Run but minimum ratio must be 0.4 before downloading previleges are revoked.

CHDBits. What are H3 & H5? It says H3 requires 72 hours and H5 120 hours. If you have no idea, I will add 72-120 hours and also mention that donators are excluded from the H&R.

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