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BrSociety News


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The old Telegram community groups have been deactivated, that is, they are read-only. Previously, to participate in them, it was necessary to contact a member of the Staff and wait for them to check their profile and try to add them manually in each group, without the possibility of leaving/returning when they thought it was necessary and without having much control over them. that they were banned and/or took some punishment on Tracker (it is possible to see in the chat history some ex-users who no longer remember what their accounts were and/or asking when they could register, this in the members chat...). Evidently, this was a fault on our part. To address this existing problem, we're changing the way off-site communities work, starting with Telegram,

The solution...

Participation in external groups now does not depend on the Staff, of course we are present there to maintain order and answer questions, if any, and of course interact, but we will not add more members to the groups (except for very specific exceptions), but hey how you do it to enter?!

Introducing the Community Bot!

A BOT in Telegram is active and it allows you to join/exit groups whenever you want! You can contact the BOT through the user: @BrSociety_bot ! You will only need your PID and username when contacting the bot. It is in the testing phase and if problems arise you can contact us and we will work to resolve it.

How to join groups?

As stated above, you will need to have your PID and username ready to authenticate. You can do the entire process on your cell phone, or on your computer, they will be exactly the same steps, although the post shows how to do it on your computer (Telegram Desktop);

1) Get your PID!

To do this, go to your profile, you can do this by clicking on your username in the top left corner, or by clicking on your photo and clicking on "My Profile"


You can also access your profile using a direct link: https://brsociety.club/users/username ;

Once in your profile, scroll down until you find the "Show PID" button, it is below the followers preview section, when you click on the button your PID will be displayed to the right of the button, then just copy. NEVER TELL ANYONE YOUR PID!


2) Get in touch with the Bot!

Access the Telegram from anywhere (Desktop App, Browser, Mobile, it doesn't matter...) and in the chat search bar look for @BrSociety_bot (if you are logged in, you can click on the link contained in the text here in the post and the chat with the bot it will open)


Just click on the result to open the chat with the bot.


By clicking on the displayed button the bot will welcome you. If there is no "Start" button in the chat you can send "/start" to the bot yourself. The commands "/help" and "/help" still show the initial message.


As shown in the message, the PID is necessary in the next step, where we must send the command "/auth username pid" to the bot. ATTENTION: You have 3 attempts to set your username and PID, after that your Telegram account will be blocked and you will need to contact the Staff here on Tracker by Ticket explaining how you managed to miss a ctrl+v 3 times.


When logging into the bot, it will confirm your role and if you are not logged into Discord it will inform you of the possibility (this is still being worked on, please wait.). Also, after logging into the bot, you can use the "/links" command to see all the groups you can join!


And as stated in the message, you can use the command "/link group" to receive an invitation link to that group!

ATTENTION: All links generated are registered for your user. It is only possible to generate a link to a group that your user has permission to join (there may be a time difference between your title updating here on the site and in the bot, don't worry), so your Telegram will only be able to generate a link if it is authenticated as a Tracker account and for that you need your PID, which is something random and only you have access. If another Telegram account enters using YOUR link, it is because you have leaked access , account sharing is serious and you will be presented with a permanent banTracker. The bot was built so that if a group is trying to "invade" a Tracker account, authentication is blocked and we will only unlock it if the owner requests it here on Tracker (if you want your user to be blocked, that is, not want to join an external community, just let us know and we'll block it until you change your mind).


As informed by the bot, you are free to join and leave the member group whenever you wish. If you belong to a special group, you can generate a link to it only once, and all links expire 1 hour after their creation and are for single use. If you leave the group, or let the link expire without entering, please contact us and we will evaluate the case.

We ask that you do not use the function to block the bot after joining the groups, as this inhibits the bot from sending messages in your private (and only that), we can use this function to talk directly to you in case of problems, and we will also use it to make important announcements to the community.


Q) The bot says my username was not found when using the "/auth" command, what to do?
A) User data is updated in the bot from time to time, if you have changed your username recently and are trying to use the new one, try using the old one or simply wait that soon it will be updated in the bot. If your PID is found to be incorrect it's the same scenario, except you changed your PID instead of username. If that's not the case, get in touch and we'll investigate what's going on, as said, it's in the testing phase!

Q) Doesn't this put users at risk? Exposing the PID and everything!
A) No. The system is probably more secure than your account for any government service. As mentioned, the system blocks PID checks if many fail against a user, PIDs are a super long and random string of characters, a brute force attack would take time to get right (if you didn't have a system automatically locking) and would be needed multiple Telegram accounts. It's easier for someone to find your PID trying to make an announce attack on some .torrent (spoiler: in the Tracker software it also blocks stuff like that). If someone hits their PID on luck, we will contact the person to ask them to play the lottery so we can become millionaires by earning gold bars that are worth more than money. If you still don't feel safe,

Q) I want to link my Tracker account with a Telegram account but join the groups using another one, is it possible?
A) No, don't ask.

Q) I want to change the Telegram account I am using, is it possible? How do I do?
A) Ask the Staff via Ticket. Your current Telegram account will be permanently banned from all groups by the bot and the link will be broken, allowing you to authenticate with another one.

Q) How does Discord work? Any date?
A) It's still in the planning stage, Discord allows the use of positions, these will be automatically assigned to your account after you log in, without having to generate links for example.

Q) What are the groups and who can participate?
A) The bot will inform you of the groups that you can join the moment you use the "/links" command, in any case, at the level of curiosity...

Members : Absolutely all members who are not restricted for toxicity.
Gold Giver : Staff, Uploaders, Celestials, Gold Giver
Blacks¬†: Staff, Uploaders, Celestials, ÔĽŅElites, Librarians, Blacks
Founders : Staff, Uploaders, Celestials, Founders
Elites : Staff, Celestials, Elites
The 3 hidden chats in the post prints are of Staff utility ūüėČ

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