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Marvel Answers A Big Question From Hawkeye's First Trailer


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A missing character from the first trailer for Marvel Studios' Hawkeye, lead some viewers to speculate what happened, until Marvel cleared things up.

The first trailer for Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye raised a big question for viewers that the second trailer promptly answers. The upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye will follow Clint Barton and his new partner and protégé Kate Bishop as they deal with violent criminals striking back at Hawkeye for his brutal bygone days as Ronan. Clint Barton’s wife, Laura, a key character is missing from the first trailer, leading some viewers to speculate the reason behind her absence, but the next promotional video explains it and quells the rumors.

The first trailer for Hawkeye shows Clint enjoying Christmas vacation in New York City with his three children, taking them to see Rogers: The Musical. When gang violence forces Clint back into his superhero role as Hawkeye, he sends his kids back home to safety, but Laura is notably missing from the trailer. Some fans speculated that she and Clint were divorced or otherwise separated, and others even suspected she’d died yet again.

The second Hawkeye trailer shows Clint on the phone with Laura roughly halfway through its runtime, putting an end to any rumors of the two being separated or Clint being widowed once more. Given the intricacies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the franchise’s fans’ notorious attention to detail in all promotional materials, it’s unsurprising that wild rumors about Laura’s whereabouts began due to her absence. By now, Marvel Studious is used to this and made the wise move of showing Laura in the next trailer, assuring fans that she’s still alive and married to Clint.


Before criminals force Clint to become Hawkeye again, his trip to New York and relationship with his family are back to normal. Thanks to The Hulk’s use of the Infinity Stones, Clint’s whole family was resurrected and Clint was celebrating his first Christmas with them in five years by taking his kids to New York for the holiday weekend. The criminals interrupt what would have been an ordinary, albeit fun, vacation for Clint, and having Laura be dead or divorced would ruin this intended premise.

This isn’t the first time that Marvel Studios took note of the internet’s reaction to a trailer and adjusted it accordingly. An early trailer for Captain Marvel had Carol Danvers punch a Skrull who was disguised as an elderly woman. The trailer accidentally made Carol appear to be assaulting an innocent senior citizen, something that the internet used for comedic effect, so the following trailer made sure to add context to the scene, showing that the old woman was, in fact, a Skrull impostor.

One of the many reasons why the MCU succeeds is that Marvel Studios pays close attention to its fans and appeals to them without sacrificing its integrity in the process. When plot elements or films themselves aren’t generating enthusiastic interest among viewers, Marvel tends to adjust their strategy. When a trailer accidentally creates a misconception, Marvel clears up the confusion. Hawkeye’s first trailer accidentally sets off a series of rumors by omitting Laura, but Marvel answered this by including her in the next one.

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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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