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SDBits | SDB | SD Movies/TV | 2022 Review

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..:: Tracker Name ::..

SDBits | Movies/TV | 2022 Review


TRACKER URL : http://sdbits.org

CATEGORY : - Movies/TV

TRACKER TYPE : - Ratio Based

TRACKER SIGN UP : - Closed / Invite Only


BONUS : - Yes


..:: Tracker Description ::..
  • SDBits is a private tracker specialized in SD releases for Movies and TV Shows. The torrents are mostly untouched DVDs and x264 encodes.
  • The content is quite unique and uncovering some rare gems is frequent.
  • Maintaining a good ratio is complicated, uploads are scarce and you can’t rely on the few leecher on the tracker to build a good buffer. But this is the part where it gets interesting. SDBits is affiliated to HDBits, and word on the street is that if you are active and patient enough, you might be able to get invited to the best tracker in the business.
  • SDBits is a veteran tracker exclusively for SD content. It is a sister site to the famous HDBits.org
  • On SDBits you will find the best quality encodes for SD x264 and DVD.
  • Maintaining ratio is not too hard as you can find some freeleech content, and they also have bonus system.


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..:: Home Page ::..



..:: Torrents ::..


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..:: Upload Page ::..



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..:: Stats ::..



--   / 10
7   / 10
5   / 10
/ 10
/ 10


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  • First time - Warning
  • Second time - 5000 Points will be deducted
  • Third time - Ban for 7 days
  • Fourth time - Permanent Ban

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This tracker is focusing on SD content, SD stands for Standard Definition as opposed to HD (High Definition).

HDbits and sdbits trackers theme and design is almost same imo .

If you are encoder and uploader for sdbits then you can get into hdbits Quite easily .

On SDBits you will find the best quality encodes for SD x264 and DVD. Some of the DVD and x264 releases you can find only on SDBits, no other tracker specializes like that in SD content.For people who need sd contents stuffs SDbits is a right choice for you

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