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inTheShaDow | iTS | General | 2023 Review


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..:: inTheShaDow | iTS | General | 2023 Review ::..



..:: Tracker Name ::..

inTheShaDow | General | 2023 Review

TRACKER NAME : - inTheShaDow

TRACKER URL : - https://shadowthein.net/

CATEGORY : - General

TRACKER TYPE : - Ratioless

TRACKER SIGN UP : - Invite Only


BONUS : - Yes

TRACKER IRC : - irc .shadowthein.net | +6697

BANNED COUNTRIES : - Several ranges in Sudan, Somalia & Egypt


..:: Tracker Description ::..

It's inTheShaDow (iTS) & really considered the BEST name to be picked for it. Login page is hidden under a fake login form and only approved members get the right bypass codeword.

Tracker born in late 2007 (15 Years OLD!) Considered really an elite place with it's style , you'll find a lot of unique releases (iTS-Packs) that you won't find it elsewhere.

iTS has about 20k torrents in total.

Best thing on iTS that tracker is Ratio -Less (upload traffic count!) , but they got Hit & Run rule activated & you should seedback your snatched stuffs for at least 72 hours. Doesn't matter how small the file is!

Their userclass promotions works like other trackers normally ( your total traffic , amount of upload , time on tracker , etc.. ) , but one morething which makes their forum active is that promotions are done base on an index which takes into account your total activity around (e.g Forums , Meaningful comments , etc..) . Got 2 groups : Member classes & Forum member classes.

Invitations are not granted by promotions or donating to site , only users with "Established member" class or higher can fill in membership applications for their friends by a (Recommend a friend) tab & these applications are routinely checked manually by staffs.

As per In-activity rules: Account with nothing uploaded/downloaded is disabled after 4 weeks. Account with no activity (login) for 60 days will be disabled by system, Park your account !



..:: Login Page ::..



..:: Home Page ::..



..:: Torrents ::..



..:: Requests ::..



..:: Offer ::..



..:: Upload Page ::..



..:: COLLECTION ::..



..:: Top 10 ::..



..:: Forum ::..



..:: Rules ::..



..:: FAQ ::..



..:: USER RANKS ::..



..:: Bonus ::..



..:: DONATE ::..



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