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GazelleGames Opens its doors to former BG members - Tracker News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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GazelleGames Opens its doors to former BG members

Guest FAGuru

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Guest FAGuru


I am curious, is this real or some sort of ploy? I'd hate to find out that they are using this registration opportunity to gather information on former BG members.

Seems unlikely that it's anything more than a kind gesture or a way for them to increase their game count, but I figured I'd ask here anyone since something just feels a bit off about this offer.

Currently, GG Is Upgrading Their Servers, So, Guyz, Bookmark The SignUp Link.

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Guest dannypotter

No, I did sign up, they disabled me and said I was disabled for selling Invites, how the hell can I do that signing up for the first time on an open sign up!. They did not believe me and told me they could do nothing for me. That is why they are proper dicks in my mind!!!. I was a long time Bit-gamer trusted member with TB's of upload there and they are supposed to be taking BG X's in!. There a complete joke, they can suck eggs!!!. All I can say, all stay away and go to BCG's!!!.

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