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TorrentLeech : UPloaders WANTED

Guest sae1480

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Guest sae1480


Ever wanted to be active part of the biggest private torrent community ? Prove yourself and make your name stand on the crowd?? tongue.gif Here is your chance! We look for talented uploaders, and that position open maybe once every 3 years!

So what it takes to become a TorrentLeech uploader? Keep reading because the list is not small!

1. You know what upload actually means(may sound stupid, but trust us, you would be surprised... )

2. You have access to stuff NOT currently on site. We have our own 0sec access to FTPs, so no need to trying to compete for the newest Dexter TV episode for example(of course you could try!). We look mainly to"fill gaps" with more rare things and hard to find. For example, you might have a nice XBOX 360 collection. Or PS3. Or some nice movie packs, even TV series that are not on site(even because they died over time or simply they never made it).

3. If you have some diamonds, even acquired from Public sites, are acceptable, and they dont have to be scene. However, two rules apply:
a) they must NOT exist on TorrentLeech and
cool.gif if the pack made by an individual, and not you, you should give the credit in the NFO to the person that made the original pack that you will upload.

4. No advertisements of other trackers/sites! If there are any nfos or text documents within the pack you want to upload, make sure its deleted and remake the torrent file. Fail to do so will have as a result 2 things:
a) torrent will get deleted
cool.gif you will be banned smile.gif NO SECOND WARNING WILL BE GIVEN!

5. DONT make packs of games/movies. For example, dont create a torrent like MY.XBOX360.GAMES - IamSoCool . No one is interested. instead, find the games NOT on TorrentLeech, and create one torrent per game. Same goes for movies. exception is TV series. you can and SHOULD pack it as Seasons. Do not upload them individual episode by episode.

6a. If possible, keep original form(if it comes in RARs). However, even extracted will be acceptable(again, as long as it DOESN'T ALREADY EXIST ON TRACKER!) To clarify this exist/doesn't exist: Atm there is on tracker the Argo movie: Argo 2012 PROPER BDRip XviD-SPARKS WE DONT CARE ABOUT Argo 2012 SUPERDUPERPROPER BDRip XviD-WHATEVER GROUP. It already exists on site. Same goes for games. If a group released it and its on site, we dont care about your version. We just DONT! tongue.gif
6b. Stuff you will upload DONT have to be in the 7days pre rule. They could be PRED even 10 years ago, as long as they are not on site and its awesome tongue.gif

7. Make nice torrents! That includes, put proper tags in the upload page, even some screenshots in the torrent gallery. Live for your name!

8. MINIMUM upload speed is 100Mbit. MINIMUM! Not 99Mbit. 100. Also you should be able to upload non stop AT LEAST UNTIL YOUR UPLOAD GETS 10 COMPLETE SEEDERS. Fail to do so --> Fatality tongue.gif

9. if you apply to all the above, send me a PM on site with what you plan to upload/example/and upload speed here -->
... I repeat, PM me on SITE and NOT ON FORUM!

10. PMs that will be like" uh i am not sure could you explain me how to upload/ great idea / i am interested can you teach me WILL MAKE ME FURIOUS AND WILL RESULT IN AN INSTAN-BAN tongue.gif Do not play with my nerves! =D If you DO NOT apply for ALL the requirements, do NOT PM me! Fell free to post here though smile.gif


P.S. remember, Uploader is the one who UPLOADS. If you intend simply to upload for couple of days, and then simply ignore it, dont even apply! There is no minimum excepted uploaded torrents per week, but keep it reasonable. If you do not intend to upload, do not apply for uploader!

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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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