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Guest sae1480

Changes to Seeder Surge, TC Original, Montages, and Reseeding1. As of Sunday, March 24th, Seeder Surge will no longer apply to torrents that are less than four weeks old.

We are making this shift in preparation for some other big changes we have planned for TC's 5th birthday, which is coming up on May 25th. Hold on to your torrents!

2. We have updated the requirements for the TC Original tag. If you're interested in encoding for TC, check out the critique thread to get feedback on your encoding settings, then head to the approval thread to apply for the tag.

3. Montages are now better organized and easier to search. Each montage is tagged with at least one of the following categories:


Montage names on film pages are now ordered by these categories.

4. We also want to draw attention to a great project started by imdb. Reseed request messages automatically go out to users who have snatched a torrent in the past, but those users are often not the only ones who can help. If the automated system isn't getting the job done, post in this thread!


/*TC Team*/

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