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Lossless.cd – A Wonderful Collection Of Music Genres

Guest Ethan

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Guest Ethan
Lossless.cd – A Wonderful Collection Of Music Genres

1364451420_front-150x150.jpgFor all music enthusiasts out there, we have great news. A couple of days ago we’ve stumbled upon a website that’s both attractive and useful – codename sless.cd

In our search for more and more sources of downloading music, we’ve came across LossLess.cd. The portal’s interface is simple, but appealing and extremely easy to use.

First of all, before downloading anything, one must register with the website. You’ll find that the process is quite easy – all you have to do is to provide with a username, a password, and an e-mail address (just to be sure you can recover your password if anything happens).

After setting up your account, more features are revealed, such as the “Add to favorites” button, and a Menu button that shows your private messages, a profile manager, last comments, and new posts.

Here you will find artists’ albums from different genres, including blues, classical, hip-hop, metal, reggae, and jazz.

Furthermore, if you wish to find your favorite artist faster, you can either use the website’s handy index (top of the page) or the search box (top right of the page).

Each album/artist is shown as an attractive CD-like cover (if you hover your mouse over the cover, you will see the full version of the album art, which is pretty amazing), alongside with useful information – the year it was released, genre, size, RIP type, etc.


But LossLess.cd’s best feature is yet to be revealed – all the music you will find here is of the best quality (all files are .flac).

You will notice that once you click the “Details” button, a new window will show you the album’s track list and a “Download” button at the end of that list. Further down, LossLess.cd offers a list of suggestions based on the album you’ve previously clicked, a comment section where you can offer some feedback, and a YouTube link that gives you a heads up about the artist.

Last but not least, you can share your preferences with your friends and family by clicking the Facebook like button or sharing it through Google+.

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