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Music What.cd | What | 2014

6 posts in this topic

Tracker Name : What.cd
Tracker URL : What.cd
Tracker Type : Music
Signup URL : Invite Signup
Tracker Description :
As far as I'm concerned, every music lover should be a part of this community. It is very well organized.... Actually, let me rephrase. It is the most organized tracker that I have been on. Whatever band you're looking for, you'll be able to find it in seconds and in whatever format, That's why there are hardly any "dupes" because every band/album is categorized by format/year. Say you wanted to upload a V0 rip to an album that already had a FLAC and a 320, you would just hit "add format" so it would be grouped with the rest of the album. The other day I made the mistake of uploading a scene release of a new album in V0 when there was already a V0 CD uploaded. I thought a "scene" release was considered unique, but it's not. I missed that one in the rules;) Thank god another user busted me on it before a mod so I could delete it... Just shows how users look out for one another.
Many think that "What.cd" is strictly music, but that is far from the truth. There is a huge collection of apps, e-books, e-learning videos, audiobooks, comedy, comics, etc... Personally, I've downloaded some great software and they usually don't kill your ratio ;)
The IRC is very active. I go on from time to time and there's definitely a lot more folks on there than on other trackers. The server is invite only with the exception of the help channel. I went on the #help the other day for a little problem, and they fixed it for me in no time.
The only downfall that I have found is that it is definitely hard to seed unless you upload your own torrents, own a fast seedbox and make use of the freeleech staff picks or fill requests. I was lucky and made use of the staff picks before i realised what i was doing and reached P.U well before i was a member long enough to earn it. usually it will take around a month though for the average user. but may i stress it is very VERY hard to seed at what i have 700+ torrents and still am luck to get 1gb a day in upload, most of which are from the freeleech section mind.
Home/News :
Torrent Categories :
Browse Page :
Collages :
Requests :
Top 10 Torrents :
Forums :
Rules :
Userclasses/Promotion :
Donations :
Ratings & Personal Commentary :
Content : 10/10
Speed : 10/10
Community : 10/10
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We can only hope there will be another one like this, a true legend now.

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      Many of them are BD50 and BD25, among many original DVDs and encodes, formats taken from Youtube or similar are forbidden:
          Forbidden Sources:
      Content downloaded from YouTube, VEVO, Melon, Naver, GAYO and GOM/GOMTV may not be uploaded to Concertos. If a service is proven to be superior to Bugs! (MediaInfo/screenshots suffice), that service can be uploaded instead or trump. Muxing in audio from another service or a CD into the best video stream available is heavily prefered, as well as grounds for trumping.   Allowed Content:
      Live concerts, music videos, music documentaries, operas or podcasts. If there's something not listed, but it's music included in a video, it's probably allowed. For clarification ask the staff. The tracker is still under construction and they do not have IRC announce or RSS for the moment (You can still access the IRC above)

      There are few seeders but the speed is tolerable, even several torrents with 1 seeder have excellent speed as if they were seeded with seedboxes.

      It can be a good tracker over time since it has many BDs and DVDs intact, and of all the torrents only 5 are without seeds for now. login




      Bonus Points  




      Personal Ratings  No ratings for now since it's "new"
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