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SceneAccess | SCC | 2015

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Tracker Name: SceneAccess [sCC]
Tracker URL : https://sceneaccess.eu
Tracker Genre : General
Signup URL : Invite only


Tracker Speed: 10/10
Tracker Pretime: 10/10
Tracker Content : 9/10

Tracker Description :

One of the most wanted, well organized, well managed, well secured, well designed trackers in the BT world. Site is full of rich contents. This is one of things that users get attached to the tracker. Huge freeleech packs, single episodes in different formats, various kind of releases etc. you can decide all of those things by looking at those big category lists below. They tell the story well.

Speeds are well how can I say this "unbelievable". Most of users there use high end seedboxes or Internet connections to transfer their data. Sort of hard to compete with those users if you have somewhat a low end connection.

Speed of pre-times is another important thing about this tracker. I think there are one or two trackers out there to compete with pre-times of this tracker. Most of pre-times are too quick.

Freeleech torrents are in two different sections. MP3/0day section and Archive section.

As you can see from the category list of this section below the section is all about MP3, 0day and MVids. This section covers a huge area.

Archive sections is all about Movies, TV, Games or others. Most of the the time those are comes as packs. You can find so many large packs in Archive section. They have weekly movie packs and its always free leech.

So many peers/seeders hang around in those sections all the time. Every torrent in those sections is free to be leeched. Best way to build your ratio up and increase you buffer amount.

Community of SCC is one of the most active and valuable communities in the torrent world. Forum is a knowledgeable, extremely active place. Not only about scene releases and the tracker, but also you can find very useful tutorials and stuff too. A lot of them. They also have some competitions going on there so users can participate to those competitions and be more active on the forum. Also I should mention about the IRC. There are different channels for specific languages and many channels for services. So IRC is also active.

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Browse Page :


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